What is CrossFit

With constantly varied movements and activities CrossFit is not just another boring gym fad.
CrossFit is a state of mind, a philosophy and a lifestyle.

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Great place to train, was apprehensive to give it a go at first but when I met head coach Lisa she was down to earth with no bullshit and that's the way the whole place feels. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging (but not over the top). It's certainly not easy but that's what makes it good cause everyone is hurting just the same.
Would definitely recommend anyone thinking of crossfit to come down to cf4504

Trent Via Facebook

After owning and then selling my own affiliate I struggled to find another box to call home. I tried other gyms, F45, training from home and even other CrossFit’s, but just couldn’t find a good fit.
I’m so glad I decided to try 4504, Such an amazing supportive community and the coaching is second to none.  There is no one I trust more to get my Crossfit journey back on track.
I cannot thank you enough Lisa and would highly recommend anyone to give it a go.
More than anything training is fun again!!!

Nat Facebook

Crossfit 4540 has such a welcoming and friendly environment. Whenever I step foot into a new gym I'm usually quite intimidated by everyone and always feel like a number. At crossfit 4504 Lisa and the other coaches make you feel so welcomed and make you feel at home! They are excellent at what they do! And don't get me started on the members. They are such an amazing bunch of people who will welcome you in with open arms.

6 months down the track and I am still loving everything Crossfit 4504 has to offer. It's not every day that you just out of bed to get to a WOD. Thanks Crossfit 4504 for being the best Box on the Northside

Kelsie Via Facebook