Meet the Crew…….Amy

Amy is one of our longest serving members and a very valued member of our community.  She brings boundless energy and passion to each class, and her support of her fellow members is outstanding.  She loves nothing more for the music to be pumping and firing herself up into a big WOD.  She’s had some challenges over the last few years with some hip and pelvis issues but has worked so hard on her rehab to now be making some great progress on her way back to full strength.  We are also blessed to have Amy’s daughter teenage Beau join our crew and have the privilege of watching them grow together.

During the Open 17.3 to see her achieve full depth on those snatches was incredible and as her coach I know how hard she fought for every single rep!!!


Amy shared some thoughts recently on her CrossFit story with us;

1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

Curiousity to be honest. I had been playing women’s competitive soccer and running for some years and was looking for something new but super challenging to immerse myself in.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

My first impression of Crossfit was, “Oh my goodness what have I got myself into?”. Now I can confidently say I am not apprehensive, I do not question myself or my ability. What has changed for me is that I have developed a strong sense of self and a fearless attitude.  I embrace what is thrown before me and endeavour to conquer it with all my might.

3. What was your first highlight?

My first highlight was doing my first official box jump. Propelling my body and landing on the box made me feel amazing. Once I did my first box jump I was hooked.

4. What are you working towards now?

Currently I am working on getting my strength and fitness back after meeting a few obstacles over the past few years. Most importantly I am trying my best to be an excellent role model for my daughter so that when she is in her 50’s she too can be strong and continue to set achievable goals.

5. What’s your favourite CrossFit 4504 moment so far?

My favourite CrossFit 4504 moment was when teenage daughter decided to join the box and we did our first WOD together. It was awesome to be part of a mother and daughter duo.

Beau in Action

Amy is a shining example of how anyone can not only participate but achieve in CrossFit, YOU CAN too!!  Get Started Today!!

CrossFit….You Can

CrossFit can seem scary & intimidating at first.  You see images all of these super athletes doing insane things and you think to yourself I can’t do that.

You might have friends who CrossFit and they regale you with stories of the hard core craziness they did that day and you look at them and think I can’t do that.

I am here now to show you that YOU CAN do that.  Coach Greg Glassman the creator of CrossFit once famously said of the beginner athlete vs the elite athlete ‘their needs vary by degree not by kind.’  This simple quote elegantly sums up how we all need the same basic movement skills in life but the variance comes by how much we prescribe.

One of the beautiful aspects of CrossFit is it’s universal scaleability, which means we can adjust any workout to suit anyone’s skills or abilities and you will still gain fitness and functional movements as you move towards wellness.

Your workout may look a little different to that of the person next to you, but if I as your coach have done my job well, both of you will be sweaty and have a sense of achievement at the end of the class.

At CrossFit 4504 one of our driving missions is to create a safe, fun, supportive environment for new people to experience the magic of CrossFit. We break down the movements so you are taught properly from day 1, we modify as needed so you have a great experience and aren’t crippled in pain on day 1, and our community respects the effort you show and celebrates your achievements freely. They all remember what it was like to be new and scared, not knowing what to expect.

We have members that range in age from 11-50+, they are all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds, all abilities.  But they all come together for an hour a day to be the best THEY can be, their time to work towards their own goals, but doing as part of the most fun & supportive community.

Our coaches are there to guide, support and most importantly teach you.  We constantly teach and correct good technique to ensure you are always moving safely.  Our classes are like small group PT sessions where you receive lots of focus and attention and aren’t just a faceless number.  That’s the CrossFit 4504 difference

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing information about how YOU CAN do CrossFit and how accessible and easy we make it for you.  We will take the complex and scary & make it fun and achievable.

Remember the first step is the hardest! But YOU CAN do this!!!

Coach Lisa

Coach Bio

Lisa is our Owner and Head Coach. She has been CrossFitting since 2011.  Coming from a non athletic background and with extensive physical limitations she was blown away by the empowerment that CrossFit gave her.  She had never felt so included and welcome in an environment.  

Test Drive: North Lakes Cryotherapy

Recently I have seen an increase in athletes utilising Cryotherapy as a recovery tool.  I was intrigued as to how it worked and it’s benefits, there were no facilities close to me so I continued to observe the commentary from participants.

The benefits of cold treatment to aid recovery have been well documented and there are few sports teams or athletes that have not endured ice baths or hot/cold baths.  Cryotherapy seemed a lot less invasive and also easier to do.

I then noticed a facility opened up close to me, North Lakes Cryotherapy.  I did some research on their website and decided that I would like to try it.

The benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy are:

‘Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a non invasive cold therapy that can reduce inflation, increase metabolism and enhance overall health.

WBC has been helping people manage their pain since it was developed in the 1970’s by Dr Yamaguchi.

During Cryotherapy the blood vessels under go a period of vasoconstriction which is the constriction of blood vessels and this directs more blood to the body’s core in an effort to maintain body temperature. Through this process, the blood becomes oxygenated. This is then followed by vasodilatation dilation of blood vessels which moves the oxygen-enriched blood through the rest of the body.

The results have a natural anti-inflammatory effect and improve circulation which assists you to feel and look better typically after regular and continuous treatments.

Application Include
Rheumatoid arthritis / Osteoarthritis
Musculoskeletal injuries
Autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders
Skin disorders such as, dermatitis and psoriasis
Skin aging, poor skin elasticity, and cellulite
Depression, anxiety and stress
Insomnia and chronic fatigue
Increases energy levels and improves blood circulation
Improves immune system
Improves post-surgery recovery’
 *Source North Lakes Cryotherapy website

I was a little shocked at first to see the regular pricing for the service which is $75 for a 3min treatment, but they were running an introductory special for first time users of $37.50 or $105 for 3 sessions.  I rang and spoke to Heidi who owns the centre and made an appointment quickly and easily.

Appointment day I was somewhat nervous about how it all worked.  Instantly when I came in Heidi put me at ease and explained everything to me very simply.  She showed me the booth and explained how it worked.  I then got ready and jumped in to the booth.

The operator stays with you in the room for the duration of the treatment which is great.  Once the booth started to cool it felt not unlike standing next to the air flow of an air conditioner.  The temperature was dropping rapidly but the cold was very different to that of say a bitter winters day.  Even though I was at -185deg I was not shivering or feeling a deep cold in my bones.  I could feel the surface of my skin cold, and felt some tightness in my arms as the blood flow was restricted. At no point did I feel overly uncomfortable.

Heidi explained that usually for new participants they ease in by not dropping the temperature as fast or keeping them in for 3mins if they have difficulty tolerating it.  I was managing fine and was happy to see how it ran for the 3mins.  You are naked except for gloves and socks/boots to avoid frost bite on extremities.  The greater skin contact the better.

Once the treatment was complete I was left to dress and come out when ready.  My instant feelings as I stepped out of the booth was I felt my both starting to warm already.  The blood starts flowing back from your core to refresh the body.  Whilst my skin was cool to touch I didn’t feel cold.

One of the side benefits is helping with mood due to the release of positive hormones like dopamine and I did feel happy as I left.  However the biggest thing I noticed was how ‘quiet’ my mind was almost immediately.  My brain runs at 200mph all day yet it was quiet and allowed me to be calm and focused even under pressure.  Whilst I didn’t sleep better that night I found it easier to fall back to sleep when I woke.  This benefit lasted for about 48hrs.

The cryotherapy is a cumulative treatment so the more you use it the longer the benefits.  It’s recommended as you start a treatment cycle you go every couple of days then some people can drop right back to once a week or fortnight.

One of the other benefits is the reduction of inflammation in your body, of which I have a few issues.  Whilst I did not notice an immediate improvement after one session I did notice some gradual lessening of pain in my knee and feet.  Also I had friends mention to me how much clearer my skin seemed.

I’ve now had 2 treatments and felt even better after the second one.  I arrived for my appointment after an incredibly stressful morning, yet post treatment e.g. within 2-3mins of finishing I was feeling much calmer and the stressful situation no longer played on my mind and it was easier to let it go.  I felt I was better able to make clearer decisions and be more focused.

The service at North Lakes Cryotherapy was excellent and Heidi is very friendly and puts you at ease instantly.  She answered all my questions and has been happy for me to bring a friend along and explain the service to them as well.

I am going to continue treatments and seeing how the benefits unfold over time.

Coach Lisa

Note: I received no payment or compensation from North Lakes Cryotherapy.  This test drive is provided for information purposes only and I recommend you research thoroughly to see if this treatment is suitable prior to undertaking.  I have no relationship with North Lakes Cryotherapy other than as a paying client.

Meet The Crew……..Bridget

Bridget has been with us for a few months now and is an amazingly passionate & enthusiastic member of our community.  She has worked so hard to learn new skills and it’s wonderful to see her confidence growing every class.  She is usually the first to give everyone else encouragement during a WOD.  We sat down and asked her to reflect on her CrossFit journey so far and here are her thoughts.  She in in the middle of competing in her first CrossFit Open and is doing so well, we are really proud of her efforts!!!

1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

I was looking for a place to workout that is different to a mainstream gym. A place I could feel comfortable and happy and where I felt I was more than just a number.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

I felt so intimidated! But everyone here is so friendly that before long I felt like I was part of the community.

3. What was your first highlight?

I can’t even remember my first highlight as there have been so many since that first week.

4. What are you working towards now?

Just to be fit and healthy for my kids. I come along to classes as often as I can to work on my overall strength and fitness.

5. What’s your favourite CrossFit 4504 moment so far?

The day I did a 110kg deadlift! I didn’t think I could do something like that. It left me on a high for days!

Well done Bridget and we can’t wait to see more of your story unfold!!!  If you were like Bridget and thought that you couldn’t do CrossFit we are here to show you that YOU CAN!!  Our programs, coaches & community provide a safe, inclusive environment where you can be yourself and achieve more that you ever thought.  Why not START TODAY?

Meet The Crew……….Joy

Joy has been with us for a few months now and has been an amazing addition to our community with her every and positive attitude.  She promised Coach Lisa on Day 1 ‘I might complain but I will never quit on you.’, and try to her word she never has.  We sat down and asked for her story behind joining CrossFit 4504 and her adventures to date.


1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

I needed a change. I was sick of being in a “gym rut” where no-one knew my name because there were so many members. Same classes, doing the same things every session. Boring!!!!!!!!

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

First impressions were, “wow, everyone is so friendly & genuinely wanted to get to know me”. The community feel has gotten stronger & stronger & I really feel very much a part of this awesome cross fit family. The positive culture here is like nothing I’ve ever worked out in before. You set a great example Lisa.

3. What was your first highlight?

The first 2 weeks were hard work but the highlight for me was about week 3 when I started to feel my fitness getting better & better. I felt alive again.



4. What are you working towards now?

I’m working towards improving my endurance & introducing some strength work too. Onwards & upwards for me now.

5. What’s your favourite CrossFit 4504 moment so far?

So many great moments for me since I started; Running 1km non-stop, Smashing out as many skips as you can throw at me, 10 minute deadlift hold challenge, I was very proud of myself that day, holding my own in partner WODs & supporting my partner equally, Training with my husband Rob & son James, therefore setting a good example to my kids that exercise can be fun & is a lifelong commitment. I’m hoping our daughter Liv will join us soon too in the box.

I just love this place


Thanks Joy!! We love having you as part of our family here at CrossFit 4504 and we can’t wait to help you continue to thrive and grow into the future!!

If you’re interested in starting your own CrossFit adventure CLICK HERE to get started!!


The Open…A Perspective

Every year the CrossFit Open rolls around to much fanfare, excitement, nervous and endless anticipation about what Dave Castro has planned for us. Note if anyone can tell me about the Koi fish please do!!!

As an athlete, coach & affiliate owner I am able to see the Open from many different perspectives.  I understand the nerves and apprehension of an athlete and wondering how the hell I will do the WOD, I feel the expectation of being a coach and wanting the best for my athletes and the pressure of keeping up with everything as an affiliate owner.

Today though I want to share some thoughts as a Coach and how I see athletes reacting pre and post WOD.

Athlete Briefing 17.2

I totally understand the feeling of nerves and possible loss of bodily functions with nerves, I truly do.  I wrote a post about my first Open experience in 2013 and my concerns about even overcoming my own body’s specific bio mechanical challenges.

However something I learned it that I was not defined by that WOD result.  Me as a person was far more than just 5, 10, 20mins of my day and a heaps of exercises.  What defined me as a person is far more than that, how I treated others, how I treated myself, was I good to animals and kids, was I healthy and happy and so much more.

When I walked out of that box, good bad or indifferent the greater world truly did not care.  I had to let go of defining myself by my physical capacities.  As a coach this has been a massive learning for me.  If I expected that I should be better than my athletes and if not I was a shit coach then this was going to be a long hard road.  I’m not the greatest athlete and never will be, but that doesn’t define me as a coach.  I won’t be able to enter a score for 17.2 due to my biomechanics, which largely can’t be changed for some movements, the athlete in me thinks that’s shit, and as a coach I wish I could, but I move on and be the best coach I can be.  It doesn’t define me.


The one aspect I don’t enjoy seeing during the Open season is amazing people feeling less about themselves because they compared where they are at to others.  Comparison is the thief of joy…end of story.  Where you are is where you are, and that is just at this point in time.  In 12 months you will have moved miles forward.

Many of my athletes have been training for less than a year. And if I had said to them on day 1 in March they would do 50ft of walking lunges with 10 or 15kg dumbbells, a heap of hanging knee raises and then some dumbbell cleans followed by a whole other round of this, and THEN more lunges and THEN they would have 4 or 5mins to try to a pull up they would have not believed me.  Most could not even hang from the bar for a few seconds, and handle more than a 3kg Dumbbell let alone lunge to standard.

If I had put an athlete in front of them on day 1 who did this very workout they would have stood in awe and thought that person was incredible.  Yet now it’s them and they don’t see how far they have come, they just see what they couldn’t do. As their coach my heart bursts with real and genuine pride, admiration & respect for their efforts, and at the same time it breaks because they don’t see it themselves.

Any skill requires time, effort and work.  Those committed to being better will set a course of action and allow me to guide them and put in the extra work needed.

At the end of the day, the Open for most of us is truly just another WOD.  It is simply a place marker for where you are today in your fitness journey, not your life journey.  That’s an important separation to make.  In another year you WILL be fitter, you WILL have new skills and you WILL have grown on many levels.

Don’t lose focus team, don’t give in because of one perceived ‘bad’ workout.  To give some balance there are many people in the world that would give anything to just have the opportunity to do a simple WOD.  But because of factors they can’t change like health or physical incapacity they can’t but they would give anything for just one moment to feel like you do and have the chance to try.

So switch your focus from what you can’t to what you DID, celebrate the win for what it was. And use the can’t not as something to dwell or or be down about but to fuel your focus and drive to continue to grow.

You’ve Got This!!  I believe in your infinite potential.

Coach Lisa