What Do You Value?

One of the most conversations I have with people is about the cost of a membership at CrossFit 4504. I truly understand that our service may be a luxury for most people.

However, I started thinking about things a bit deeper and realized that although a CrossFit membership may take a bit of rearranging in your budget, it is most likely not as out of reach as you may think.

Life comes down prioritising values. Our truths and needs determine our choices. For example, I see people going out on Friday and Saturday nights, and I am willing to bet they spend on an average of $30-$50 each night (Over $200.00 a month),which is more than your CrossFit membership right there.

So, if someone values their weekend social life more than they do their health and wellness, then making this choice might be a difficult one.  Don’t get me wrong we aren’t saint’s who never go out and enjoy ourselves but what we teach is balance and consistency.

And if we delve into some unhealthier habits like smoking which can cost an average of $50-$75 per week and is simply shortening your lifespan and inhibiting your wellness.  The equation is clear, well if you value your wellness it is.

Consider what you can do in life if you are not healthy. You are on your way to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other related diseases which can be caused or accelerated by not living a healthy life style.  Also you may struggle to keep up with active kids and friends meaning you become a spectator in life, that’s not much fun really.  Your exercise triggers your mind and your vitality. I am not selling you a get fit quick scheme but a life of feeling good all the time.

At CrossFit 4504 our classes work out to $8.33 per class, which when you consider it is very much like a small group PT session, where you could pay up to $30-$40 per session, the value is obvious.  It is also cheaper than most boot camp classes at $10-$15 per class.  The CrossFit 4504 difference is the level of programming, personal coaching, care, follow up and support/guidance given to all our community as part of your membership.

Our classes are capped to 10 people and you get that personal guidance from a coach who is only interested in you progressing safely and consistently.  Also unlike the globe gyms where space is oversold because they KNOW that you simply won’t use your membership, they count on it, we WANT you in class!  Not at the gym? You will hear from our coaches to see what we can do to help.  You aren’t that faceless number to us, we know your story, we know your family and we actually care.

It all comes down to return on investment. Are going to invest in yourself, and make yourself a better version of you? Yes, CrossFit 4504 does that. Surround yourself with likeminded people who have a concern and vested interest in your health. Think about the last 5 people you have interacted with; can you say that they are in that role?

Choices come down to what we value. Value things that are important in the long term and I am willing to bet you will find yourself prioritizing your health over anything else.

You are worth it.

The CrossFit 4504 Difference

Not all affiliates are the same. There can be vast differences in each box. When choosing an affiliate you need to look at all aspects from the culture of the community, to the programming and the coaches to see what suits your needs.
Look around and see what the class sizes are? Is everyone packed in like sardines? Does the coach know you’re even there some classes? Do you receive specific one on one cues doing a class? Is the community warm and inclusive? Is image more important than function? Are you taught how to move your body effectively and warmed up before each class?  Does anyone notice when you don’t show up?

At CrossFit 4504 we are a dedicated CrossFit box committed to the founding principles of CrossFit. Everything we teach comes back to those principles.

We offer over 38 classes each week in our timetable to give you ample opportunity to get your sessions in. Each session runs for an hour and is fully coached meaning we guide you through a warm up, we teach the movements for that day, we coach you through the workout and then take you through stretching and mobility at the end of the session. You aren’t simply left to your own devices to try and figure out what you should be doing.

The focus of our coaches is optimal movement and we encourage our team to perfect their technique before adding load or intensity. Our programming is carefully structured to help you get the most from each session and to make continual safe progress.  Our members continue to grow stronger each session and increase their work capacity and have a heap of fun doing it!!

We offer levels of programming within each class to suit all levels from elite to beginner and everyone in-between. Our classes are fun & challenging and most importantly safe. We don’t overcrowd the classes and cap numbers to ensure all members receive personal coaching each session.  Whether you are our newest member or most experienced you still receive the same care and attention every single class.

If you aren’t in classes you can be sure you are missed and that our Head Coach Lisa will check in with you to see how you are and what we can do to help you.  Every member is a valued part of our community.  We want you here and training not just paying for space you don’t use.  We are engaged and invested in your progress and no goal big or small is unimportant.

Our community is thriving and supportive and each member is accepted and welcomed. Everyone receives the same attention regardless of their ability. It’s a place when you can pursue your goals and be encouraged and supported every step of the way.  There are no big egos, just everyday people trying to be the best they can.  No one cares what size you are, what you wear or whether you come first last or somewhere in-between in a WOD.  All that matters is you gave it your all and your fellow crew have so much respect for effort.

So come and try the CrossFit 4504 difference today. Our focus is you and helping you achieve a full healthy functional life.

Training – A Great Way to Beat Stress

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body. But exercise is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood.  No matter your age or fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to feel better.

Training is not just about how fast or how strong you are. People who exercise regularly tend to do so because it gives them an enormous sense of well-being. They feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives. And it’s also powerful medicine for many common mental health challenges. Our members at CrossFit 4504 find the regular sense of achievement they get from our classes boosts their self esteem as does the fun of training with friends.

It’s a powerful depression fighter for several reasons. Most importantly, it promotes all kinds of changes in the brain, including neural growth, reduced inflammation, and new activity patterns that promote feelings of calm and well-being. It also releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energize your spirits and make you feel good. Finally, exercise can also serve as a distraction, allowing you to find some quiet time to break out of the cycle of negative thoughts that feed depression.  We see this happening every day in our gym, even our coaches can speak first hand how working through depression was assisted by their regular training and the positive supportive environment in classes.  Our Head Coach Lisa has gone through depression herself and can speak honestly about it and understands the challenges that are faced.  She also experienced first hand the benefits from her CrossFit training when she was at her lowest.

Sometimes when you’re suffering with stress, depression or anxiety the hardest part can be getting a new program started.  It can be overwhelming and daunting.  Here are some steps that can help you get started and take the pressure off yourself:

It’s okay to start small. 

When you’re under the cloud of an emotional time and haven’t exercised for a long time, setting yourself huge goals like completing a marathon or working out for an hour every morning will only leave you more deflated if you fall short. Better to set yourself achievable goals and build up from there.  At CrossFit 4504 our coaches can work with you on an achievable goal and schedule that is manageable and we can build on that.

Focus on activities you enjoy.

Any activity that gets you moving counts. That could include throwing a ball with a dog or friend, walking laps of a local lake or park (the weather has been stunning for this lately), or cycling to the park.

Make exercise a social activity.

Exercising with a friends or family will not only make exercising more fun and enjoyable, it can also help to motivate you to stick to a workout routine. You’ll also feel better than exercising alone. In fact, when you’re suffering from a mood disorder such as depression, the companionship can be just as important as the exercise.  Find a group of community where you feel supported and included.  CrossFit is different in that you aren’t just a faceless number and no one knows or cares if you are there or not.  We in fact do notice and do care, and we also want you to have fun while you’re here.

The hour you spend in class with us should be the best hour of your day!!  No matter what is going on outside the gym in your every day life this is your hour to focus on you and have our coaches focus on you.  You don’t have to be the adult, boss, mum, dad, whatever, you can be you and use that time to find strength within yourself you didn’t know you had.  This is your time!!  Start today!!


Meet the Crew…..Nim

Nim is one of our crew with the biggest smile and most positive attitude we have ever seen.  She is always working hard to learn skills and apply coaching cues.  She has been with us for a while now and we love seeing her continue to grow and achieve.  We asked her to share some of her thought about her experiences with CrossFit.
1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
I competed in the Game On Games Day (CF4504 beginners competition) in 2016, and I loved the atmosphere, the people and the level of intensity of the WOD’s. The price was really attractive too. You quickly learn that you’re not just paying membership to show up at classes – you are welcomed into the CF4504 family, and you get ongoing support and encouragement from the coaches and other members. I love that they’re capped at small classes. It’s more personal, and the coach actually notices if you’re there or not.
2. What was your first impression? How has that changed? 
CrossFit gyms are known to be full of ego’s and aggressive competition, so I was really amazed that this one wasn’t like that at all! Everyone is so humble, encouraging, and positive. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you’re at, you always get support and encouragement from the other members. I remember feeling so welcome at my first class – my sister, best friend, and Mum have since joined and told me they felt the same.

Nim judging her mum Lynda in 17.4

3. What was your first highlight?
Doing a ‘toes to bar’ for the first time ever. I was so shocked and excited. I don’t think I wiped the smile off my face for the rest of the day, and I sent the photo to all my friends and family claiming to be Australia’s new CrossFit champion hahaha. They didn’t believe me for some reason…
4. What are you working towards now? 
Always working towards getting stronger and faster, but my goal this year is to get my first unassisted pull up. I’m going to get it!
5. What’s your favourite CrossFit 4504 moment so far?
Definitely being able to participate in the CrossFit Open this year! I love that every single member could get involved and felt included, and the atmosphere at the gym every Friday night and Saturday morning was just incredible. 17.4 was probably my favourite – I had my sister, best friend and Mum there with me, participating and pushing each other to do the best we could. The last heat of 17.4 was so awesome! Lisa (coach) vs. Sares (admin) went head to head in the last heat, and smashed through those 55 deadlifts at RX weight – showed us all how it was done! Best ever!
Awesome work Nim!!  We love how CrossFit can be shared by families and friends, and in fact you’ll even make a heap of new friends when you join.  Experience the CrossFit 4504 difference today.  Start Here

A Beginners Tale

We can tell you all day long how amazingly easy we make it for you to start CrossFit with us at CrossFit 4504.  However we thought it best if some of our amazing members shared their story with you themselves.

Joy started CrossFit in late 2016, she talks with us about how she started out.  We also shared her perspectives in a recent Meet The Crew post.

For anyone too scared to try or wondering what it’s all about this is a great story.

You’ll see that YOU CAN start CrossFit. Experience the CrossFit 4504 difference today.


CrossFit…..You Can (But think you don’t have time…..)

One of the most common reasons I hear from people as to why they can’t fit classes into their life is no time.  This could be because of work, taking care of parents, kids, dogs, cats, friends, the farm, the car, cooking, cleaning etc etc etc

The one thing though I hear in this is that the person is putting everyone else waaaay ahead of themselves.  They are spending their days giving endlessly to anyone and anything EXCEPT themselves.  Now I get it, most of us aren’t wired to put ourselves first, it’s drummed into us from an early age that it’s selfish to do something for ourselves.  So much so that when we do we can feel guilt about doing it.

Now isn’t that insane?  Why should society make us feel guilty for taking the time for what I see as the most important job in the world, taking care of ourselves.

Le’s look at it from an alternative angle, if we continue to put our own needs on the back burner and run ourselves ragged being all things to all people are we really giving them the best of us?  Because that’s what we think we are doing right?  We are being there and giving them what they need.  But I ask could we be doing it better?

If we are tired, frazzled & run down this can lead to us getting sick more frequently, higher levels of stress, less happy hormones (and who doesn’t love those?), more bad moods and being cranky with those we love most.  We might be less productive at work, and make more mistakes, even though we are doing our best to be the greatest employee ever.

Taking time out for your own well being can turn all these things around, causing radical side effects of more laughter, more engaging relationships with those around you, increased self confidence, better health and less sickness, a sense of achievement and somehow miraculously you will find you have MORE time in your day because you’re more efficient and productive!  Now doesn’t that sound like a win?

The great thing about CrossFit is that each class if only 1 hour long. Within that time your actual workout may vary from 3 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the workout on that day. Your results will come from your intensity within the workout, no need to spend 2 hours at the gym, grinding away by yourself going through the motions.  We all have busy lives with obligations to our families and careers, but committing to 1 hr a day 3-5 times a week will dramatically improve your overall health, mental status and overall quality of life. Plus we all need social wellness, come laugh and play with some other fun adults.

At CrossFit 4504 we have 8 hours of dedicated class time each day from 5am for our first class and 730pm for our last class with plenty in between.  Check out our timetable here.  This means we cater to all schedules from 9-5 to shift work.  We are a family friendly affiliate so you are welcome to bring your kids along and we have safe areas for them to watch.  What’s an excellent experience for them to be able to see you be an awesome role model in life but focusing on your own needs and getting fit and well.

Through participating in our classes our members experience so many positive changes in their personal lives and are doing all the things they love to do outside the gym so much easier and with more enjoyment.  This is is anything from improving at netball or being able to keep up with their kids/grandkids/pets/friends/spouse and lead the way in activities.  They are happier and healthier employees and feel so much better about themselves.

These are actual posts from some of our members:

When I first emailed head coach Lisa on what was meant to be a lazy Sunday morning, lazy it was not as I had worked myself up into such a stressed out state that my partner had to take over and write the email and press send for me. I have always been a nervous wreck throughout my life and it was starting to get out of control and stopped me from achieving the things I wanted to achieve! Joining just over 6 weeks ago now I was met with such kindness and support from not only Lisa and the other coaches but also from the other members. I went from being a nervous wreck who couldn’t press send to feeling like with these guys by my side I can achieve anything! These guys are my fit family, I love them to bits and I don’t know what I’d do without them or crossfit for that matter! I wish I could give more stars because Crossfit 4504 has literally changed my life 100% for the better! – Stacey

Awesome place to get fit and stay fit. Friendly and supportive coaches and members. My only regret is not starting at Crossfit4504 earlier – Lyn

I cannot thank Crossfit 4504 enough! My son absolutely loves coming to the classes. He is a more independent confident boy and just loves attending Crossfit 4504. Everyone is amazing and they are so encouraging. The coaches are so supportive, encoraging and make it really enjoyable. – Janelle

Why not YOU as well?  YOU CAN make yourself a priority and our coaches and community make it easy for you to get more of those happy hormones and sense of fun flowing!!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!  Start Today


Meet The Crew……Jess

Jess has been with us for just over a year now and her progress has been phenomenal.  Jess has embraced all CrossFit 4504 has to offer and is an amazing member of our community, at our Christmas Party she was awarded our annual Spirit of CrossFit award for community spirit.  Last year she did her first Games Day and recently completed in her first CrossFit Open performing very well.  We asked her a little about her CrossFit adventures and here is her story.

1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 

With having 3 boys actively playing sport throughout their childhood, fitness has always played a huge part in our lifestyle. After giving up cigarettes over 13 years ago, and not getting any younger I knew that I really needed to be a little more serious when it came to looking after myself. I have been a member of different gyms over the years and hell even worked at one but soon lost interest. In 2015 I enrolled in a local boot camp and remained there for 8 months however due to work commitments and very limited classes available this was very short lived. I knew that I needed to find something else that would interest me….I was introduced to CrossFit in March 2016 along with my youngest son and have never looked back!

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

I am not afraid of hard work, but to say I wasn’t nervous would be a lie. The fear of the unknown, the new environment, complete strangers, the fear of failure and really stepping out of your comfort zone were all too real in my mind. The uncertainty was gone almost instantly as we were greeted with a warm welcome right from the start. The encouragement from Lisa and the existing members made me feel a part of the CrossFit family from day one. My love for CrossFit was born!!

3. What was your first highlight?

I would have to say having the opportunity to do CrossFit with my youngest son would be right up there amongst the constant highlights, however if I had to pick something I would say competing in the CrossFit 4504 Game on Games Day in 2016. Although I was extremely nervous as I had only been doing CrossFit for 2 months, to be able to walk away and say that I had done it and survived without any judgement passed was a great feeling!

4. What are you working towards now?

Each day all I ask for is to be a stronger and better me!

5. What’s your favourite CrossFit 4504 moment so far?

There are to many too mention….the amazing coaches, to the awesome WOD buddies to the constant encouragement and team comradery and the sense of belonging. Thank you for letting us into your world!

We love having you as part of our team Jess and can’t wait to see you continue to improve and grow!  Jess’s story is a great example that anyone CAN do CrossFit despite the fear and nerves, with our support and awesome community you will love it!!  Register here to try your first class!!

PT Sessions – Your Secret to Success

Personal Training (PT) sessions are quite often overlooked within CrossFit communities, however it can be an important tool to help you accelerate your results.

I am often asked by members ‘Why would I need a PT session when you teach me in class?’  This is true we do spend a large amount of time in class teaching and correcting members technique.  However quite often in a class environment there are multiple elements to be taught and worked through, as well as up to 10 other members in our classes needing the same attention.

In a class we simply cannot go into enough specific detail with you to really drill down into technique improvements.  At CrossFit 4504 we offer 30min Technique session that allow coaches to work with athletes on a specific skill area and focus total attention on improving that.  We use a variety of tools including video analysis to help you understand the movement and what the improvement looks like.  We can also use other drills that might not be appropriate in a class setting.

We also offer 1 hour 1:1 or 1:2 buddy sessions to work on a couple of skills.  These sessions are not about getting in another WOD, but more about accelerating your results and progress.  Quite often a coach will give you homework and things to focus on in class to continue the work.

If the 2017 has left you with some burning goals to conquer then some 1:1 attention will get you to them much quicker than just waiting for a skills day in class or 30sec with a coach.  Invest in yourself and your goals.

PT sessions can also be a great way for someone new to CrossFit to learn basic skills and have their movement analysed and improved before joining regular classes.  It can be a less intimidating way to get confident and comfortable under the guidance of your coach.

Some recent examples of where a PT session ironed out some technical issues:

Nim a couple of weeks ago had struggled to a Snatch 1RM of 35kg.  She lacks confidence in that lift so it can be a battle.  We worked on it for 35mins in a PT session this week, improving her understanding of the movement and body positions, we used video and also other coaching drills.  Once she started moving well we worked up to a heavy single and she achieved 37.5 easily and much improved technique wise.  She also has some things to focus on each time she does Snatch in the future.

Toni struggles with her Double Unders.  We took some time yesterday to breakdown her body position and BAM! Nice looking Double Unders!

I have always had a coach for 1:1 sessions right from when I first started CrossFit to even today as a Coach. Having 1:1 attention is great for accountability and working towards specific goals.

All of our Coaches at CrossFit 4504 are available for PT sessions, please enquire at the office for more info or email admin@crossfit4504.com.au