Motivation…We’ve Got You….

Motivation. We can do amazing things when we have it in abundance. But what happens when you lose motivation?

In terms of CrossFit training this happens to pretty much everyone at some point. Although CrossFit training is constantly varied it is also constantly challenging. To push our bodies continuously to become better athletes requires a lot of effort and for most people, it’s not something that can be sustained day after day. For that reason and many others, motivation can wane. It happens in every sport and fitness program…and it can creep up on you! It kinda sucks really. One day you’re breaking your own badass records and suddenly you hit a wall.

Here are a few ways to help combat loss of motivation in your training program…

Setting goals
Goal setting is a great way to maintain motivation during training. Having a long term vision gives you short term motivation and areas you need to improve on can be quickly identified. Your goals also need to be attainable and relevant to your current ability. There’s no point in creating a list of goals which will have you training 8 times a week, when realistically you know you can only make four training sessions work.

Planning the steps to reach your goals can be exciting – and sometimes a little daunting. Sitting down with a coach at your CrossFit box can be very helpful in working out a process for you to achieve your goals while maintaining motivation. All of the CrossFit 4504 members are offered 1 on 1 goal planning sessions with Head Coach Lisa. Our members have found this to be an invaluable tool in working out what they want from their training, how to achieve more and how to stay motivated.

Whether your goals are long term such as ensuring good health into old age or short term like getting that first handstand hold against the wall, you should write them all down. Once you have your goals mapped out, strategies can be applied and you can then work through each step towards achievement.

Be honest with yourself about what you are really feeling and jump on it early.  Take ownership for your results and don’t push how you feel onto others.  If you’re not moving forward look at the effort and work you have been putting in.  Be prepared to come in earlier or stay later to work on some additional skills to help get that goal ticked off.  Small steps every day will get you there!!

No to Go
“Are you going to the box today?” “No. I’ve had a big day at work.”
“Are you going tomorrow?” “Yeeaahh…I think so…my little toe has been hurting a bit though, so….No.”

Ok. Apart from needing a cup of cement to harden up, there’s a pattern of excuses here.

‘NO’….it’s a bloody small word with a powerful meaning. If you repeat it in your head often enough, your mindset will change completely. NO, I’m too tired to train. NO, I can’t do the movements in today’s WOD so I’m not going. NO, I’m nowhere near my PB for that lift so why bother?

Pretty soon your brain is agreeing with the crap you’re feeding it and you start believing what you’re saying.

Change the NO to GO! Whenever your brain comes up with what you really know is a feeble excuse, just put your shoes on anyway. Getting there will solve 99% of the problem. Once you’re there and you see your classmates and start the WOD, you will feel much better about ignoring your brain’s attempt in proving your weakness. And if your tiredness is genuine, there’s no shame in having a quiet word with your coach before class. Remember, scaling is always an option. The members at CrossFit 4504 are always encouraged to scale where needed and we know there are days when they are feeling a little below par.

Rest Days
This may seem to contradict our last point but when you’re tired….and we mean really tired, your body needs to recuperate. CrossFit athletes should incorporate at least one rest day into their program. You will not lose fitness or strength in a day. Or even two! In fact, the opposite occurs. If you allow your muscles a day off they are able to build the proteins required to become bigger and stronger. You may need more than a day, particularly if you’ve had a heavy program. Alternatively, scale back the WOD.

Here again is another perfect opportunity to discuss how your body and more importantly – your mind – is feeling. The members at CrossFit 4504 know that a coach is always available to discuss how things are going and sort through any issues you may be having. A good coach will probably notice that you seem worn out and will suggest a rest day. Or a light day, where you scale back load or reps or both. And if they don’t notice….tell them! Our class sizes are capped so that coaches can keep an eye on all members as they WOD. We endeavour to ensure everyone is maintaining technique and will suggest modifications if we think it’s best for each athlete. This is a great way to keep your motivation levels up as your energy levels will reboot for your next WOD.

Other activities on rest days are also a great way to maintain motivation. Do some mobility exercises, go for a bushwalk or a swim in the ocean. Your coaches will understand the need to restore energy levels and because CrossFit encourages functional fitness, alternate exercise will seem easier because of your training.

When you are part of an amazing community like the one at CrossFit 4504, fellow members will understand and sympathise with lack of motivation. Lack of motivation is a thing! The key to beating it is to attack it early. It’s not something you should ignore. Talk about your concerns with your coach, through forums or with fellow members. Do it without complaint, but with regard to your own progression. There are ways to move through a rough patch in your training….the sooner you address it, the quicker you can work out ways to find your mojo again and get back to kicking butt!

If you’re tired of drifting along alone come and see the difference our Coaches and community will make to your progress.

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Fun, Fitness & Friends

Most of us have felt lonely at some stage in our lives. Moving suburbs, states or countries is one instance to cause loneliness. Others feel lonely if their usual social circle heads in a different direction to them – be it through work or family commitments. That’s life and we move on and find a new circle of friends….mostly. For those of us who are not naturally confident, or who are shy and find it difficult to initiate conversation, loneliness can be a real issue. It’s much easier to sit on the couch binge watching Netflix than having awkward conversations with someone at the supermarket right? It’s also easier to communicate behind the safety of a keyboard on social media, making face to face conversations that are essential to social interactions an exhausting affair, particularly for an introvert to even attempt.

To establish a bond with someone you need to be able to discuss similar topics. It doesn’t matter too much if your opinions differ as long as you respect each other. Common ground creates bonds…and a popular way to find common ground with strangers is to get involved in a sporting activity or fitness regime which will release those happy endorphins and make social situations easier. Turns out physical activity is also good for your health, so it’s a win-win solution.
You know what? We have the perfect activity to get you up off that couch and meeting new people – CROSSFIT!!

I know right! Obviously as a CrossFit affiliate we are going to suggest our methodology as a great way to interact with others while improving your health and fitness, particularly the methods of teaching encompassed at CrossFit 4504. But read on because we have some bloody good evidence to back up our theory…..

The first being – WE LOVE NEW PEOPLE!!
Over the past few weeks, CrossFit 4504 has seen a lot of newbies throughout our classes. And we’re excited. These people have made a conscious decision to make their health and happiness a priority for 2018. So far, they’ve all reached a new level of soreness, but they’re motivated! And our existing CrossFit 4504 members have been nothing but encouraging, welcoming and reassuring as our newest class members settle in. These newest peeps have also realised that at CrossFit 4504, you aren’t segregated based on your ability. Unlike some sports where athletes are separated into teams based on ability, CrossFit is not like that at a grass-roots level. At CrossFit 4504, any team events which take place will involve a random selection of people. Names out of a hat. Not based on ability. But based on the fact that you were keen enough to participate in the first place.

Some of our new participants have never performed the movements involved in CrossFit so our coaches are taking the time each and every class to show them the fundamentals. If their fitness levels are low, the length of the WODs are modified. If they can’t lift with a barbell, dumbbells or broomsticks are used. They have been made to feel a part of our community from the moment they walked through the door. And already they are forming bonds with existing CrossFit 4504 members. Sharing smiles, laughter and groans. Receiving congratulations and Hi 5’s for the effort they are making to step out of their comfort zone.

And you know what else?
We’ll remember your name!!

Our coaches will remember your name because they actually give a shit who you are. By entering CrossFit 4504, you become part of an extended family. A community where you’re more than just a face, or someone who is barely noticed in the back corner of a class. Choose the back corner if you wish, but expect to be noticed. There are certainly quiet achievers at CrossFit 4504. Quite a few in fact. But there will never be any wallflowers – you won’t get away with just existing and then leaving. Guaranteed everyone in your class will introduce themselves at some point. Guaranteed you will be asked by a coach to name something you are grateful for. Guaranteed your struggles with movement will be noticed and scaled. Guaranteed you will be forever encouraged to keep going.

Each time you come to class there will be smiles just for you because we value the efforts of all members in our community.

The last point we’d like to make for now is that CrossFit will give you confidence. For those who are shy or low in self-esteem, this is life changing. At CrossFit 4504 we can see it! It’s awesome! After a while CrossFit makes you feel like a Badass! Not in an ‘I’m so ripped and can lift heavy shit so get outta my way’ type Badass. We don’t encourage ego at CrossFit 4504 – we encourage confidence. Confidence in your ability to just pick up a barbell. Confidence to increase your load, drop under that barbell and still maintain good technique. Confidence to perform your first box jump, your first pull up, to run even though you may feel like an elephant stuck in quicksand!

Because there are so many varied movements in CrossFit, EVERYONE will improve. Sometimes it’s in huge leaps and bounds, sometimes it’s in tiny, little moments that you think no-one else will see. But they will. Our coaches will notice the improvement in your technique and the way you listen to their cues. They’ll notice your increased mobility and strength. Other members will notice how you are more comfortable during class. How you are now encouraging others, the way they have encouraged you. We will notice your lift in confidence – and we will smile. Because we all know that feeling. And it’s such a terrific feeling! The mental strength you gain during CrossFit training will assist you in other aspects of your life. If you’ve just slogged your way through the massiveness that is Murph and survived, then surely you can interact with someone at the supermarket right?

At CrossFit 4504 we care not only about your health, but making you feel comfortable in our community. We organise a lot of activities outside of the box and our members have become very close knit and supportive of those who are new to our family. Because that’s what you’ll become – part of the CrossFit 4504 family. It’s a great family and no matter whether you’re the vulgar, joke-telling uncle, the curly-haired, dancing cousin or the talcum-powdered, affectionate grandma – there’s a place for you here if you make the effort.

Press pause on Netflix, peel yourself off the couch and take the first step into meeting new people. Come and join the family – our tribe can always use people like you.

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The Open is Coming…….

Many boxes around the world are in full preparation for the 2018 CrossFit Open, which begins in February. But those athletes who are fairly new to CrossFit are often found in the corner scratching their heads and asking “What is the Open?”

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide event and the first stage in a 3 part journey to eventually find the Fittest on Earth™. A 5 week, 5 workout competition, the Open is held in CrossFit affiliates and home gym garages around the world where each week a new workout is released online. All athletes entered will compete in exactly the same workouts and have a limit of 5 days to submit a score after each one. Those scores are then accumulated into the biggest spreadsheet you will ever see and gives you a global ranking in many different categories relating to your gender, age, country and even state. From these results, top athletes are chosen to represent their region and competition eventually culminates in the CrossFit Games – showcasing the top 40 men, women and teams from around the world. For most of us though, the Open is where the fun of participating is at. And while the Open is considered a test rather than training – scaling options, as always, make the CrossFit Open a test which can be accomplished by most CrossFit athletes.

CrossFit Open

Kelsie working hard in the CrossFit Open in 2017

By now, the newbies in the corner have stopped scratching their heads in confusion and are shaking in terror! Worldwide competition? Fittest on Earth? Same workouts for everyone? No. Way! Count me out. And to be honest there are still many experienced CrossFit athletes who react that way.

The pressure of trying to beat others, not only in your own box but around the world can sometimes be an athlete’s focus regarding the Open. At CrossFit 4504, we are well aware of this and have seen the detrimental effects of athletes who place too much pressure on themselves. Yes it’s a test. The events are designed to be challenging. But at CrossFit 4504, we’re not placing emphasis on HOW you do, but WHY you do. Like the thrill of completing the Open workouts at the same time as over 300 thousand other athletes around the world! Or the excitement of knowing that the athletes who will eventually be crowned Fittest on Earth had to complete the very same workouts you did. And ultimately, the satisfaction in realising how much physical and mental strength you’ve gained just by participating and watching the growth of other athletes in your box.

CrossFit Open

Tara & Nicky under the eye of Coach Lance during the 2017 CrossFit Open

This last point is something we’ve expanded on within CrossFit 4504 and our aim is certainly to have as many of our members as possible participating in this year’s Open. To work towards achieving this, we’ve taken a slightly different approach and will be placing our athletes into randomly drawn teams to encourage inclusive fun instead of individual pressure. Our focus is not to compete against others around the world. Our focus is not to compete as individuals against other members of our own box either. Rather, we want our members to focus on themselves and what they can achieve. All of them can become involved in our open challenges as well as the workouts. All of them can gain points for their team just by dressing up or cheering on a teammate. All of them can have a go – whether it be RX, scaled or a modified version of the workout.

Does it matter if they can’t do a pullup? No. Does it matter if they can’t do a jumping pullup? No! Does it matter if they give it a go but miss anyway? YES!! This is exactly what we encourage our members to do every single day. To try. It’s human nature to try and to fail. That is how we learn. The coaches at CrossFit 4504 don’t care if you try and fail as long as you can maintain technique and movement standards. If they think for any second that what you are trying is unsafe or unsuitable, they won’t let you do it. The CrossFit Open is the perfect platform to try for that elusive pullup or muscle up. Try a box jump. If it works, do another. If it doesn’t, scale accordingly.

CrossFit Open

Coach Lance finishing 17.5 during the CrossFit Open

The satisfaction and strength you gain just by having a go is the real focus of the CrossFit Open. Sure, the fact that Tia-Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser have to finish the same workouts as us Everyday CrossFit Hacks is way cool. But really, it’s about testing yourself. Giving it a go….honestly, you will surprise yourself. The members of CrossFit 4504 will push themselves to higher limits during the Open. Our coaches will support them through every workout while making sure they maintain the high standard of technique and movement we’ve become known for. Our teams will cheer on their teammates with pride and passion and will cheer on other teams with that same enthusiasm.

The atmosphere at CrossFit 4504 during the CrossFit Open is electric. We can’t wait to introduce our newer members to the inclusive team experience we’ve created and watch them battle it out. For themselves. Their own strength and character. With the encouragement of everyone around them.

CrossFit Open

Tara pushing hard with the support of our CF4504 Family

So good luck to everyone participating in this year’s CrossFit Open. We encourage you all to have a go, get involved and enjoy being a part of this annual worldwide phenomenon.


CrossFit for Teens

CrossFit is a training methodology and sport for all ages and abilities. With an oft repeated mantra of ‘infinitely scalable’, here at CrossFit 4504 we’ve seen many people of all fitness levels achieve milestones they’ve never imagined. This applies not only to our adult members but to the rapidly developing teenage divisions of CrossFit.

Teenagers undergo massive changes during that awkward phase between childhood and ‘adulting’ and with growing bodies and changing hormones, a teenager’s CrossFit training needs to be altered constantly to allow for these changes to occur without added pain or incorrect training methods. Hugely beneficial to teens for a number of reasons, we at CrossFit 4504 know the importance of not only involving our teens in the community but understanding the changes they face both mentally and physically. That’s why we have coaches who have been trained and certified specifically to ensure all of our CrossFit teens and kids are trained safely in accordance with their growing bodies.

There are many reasons to try CrossFit training as a teenager and we have listed some of them in this blog –

  1. To Assist Other Sports

Want to build power in your legs to help you bust through those rugby tackles? How about shoulder strength to be able to pass flatter, harder, further in your netball game? Try CrossFit!

What about the value of core strength? Which muscles will help you run faster or jump higher? How can you work on your endurance? Your mobility? Your agility? Try CrossFit!

CrossFit will not only make you stronger, fitter, faster through its constantly varied workouts, but at CrossFit 4504 you will also learn how to use that strength in conjunction with other sports. You’ll learn which muscles should be engaged during each WOD, each movement phase and why maintaining good technique is vital to longevity in any sport. Our teens have improved dramatically during their time with us and those who use CrossFit to compliment other sporting pursuits love the edge it has given their performance.

  1. Stay In Shape

We all know that teenagers change – a lot! Both physically and mentally it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of everything as a teen and the last thing they often feel like doing is exercise. However, as weird as it sounds, exercise will actually give you energy. The endorphins released during and after vigorous exercise (and trust us when we say CrossFit is vigorous!) boost not only energy levels but metabolism too. And because every day in the CrossFit 4504 box is different, your teen won’t get bored – which is a teenagers prerogative!

Don’t be bored. Be excited. Be invigorated. Be a CrossFit Badass!

  1. Emotional Release

The mind of a teenager is filled with many changing thoughts and feelings – which in turn brings many differing reactions!! Happy one minute (like when their current crush actually makes eye contact and smiles before a Biology test) and depressed the next (like when they can remember every lyric to Post Malone’s new song, but not one single fact that they’d studied for during said Biology test!) Every high and low in a teenager’s life is felt. By all.

Which is normal. But having an external release can help immeasurably during that time. Belting out a teenager’s favourite playlist while they belt out a CrossFit WOD is amazingly good for the soul. CrossFit also helps our teens realise that a bad day doesn’t define you as a person and it is way more satisfying taking out frustration, anger and disappointment on a barbell rather than those who love and support you.

CrossFit 4504 provides the perfect environment to release the tension of the day and our teens know that they can let go of life’s pressures while learning control, technique and strength.

  1. Build Resilience and Confidence

CrossFit is an amazing sport to assist development in these essential qualities. Completing WODs alongside other teens and adults can be a huge confidence lifter. Even our most timid CrossFit teens have emerged from their shells with the guidance of our coaches and support from fellow members. They learn that it is more than ok to scale a WOD. That it’s not failure. That even though they didn’t quite complete a movement with correct technique or heavy load this time, they still made improvements from last time. Each CrossFit movement is a skill to be mastered and every single person busting their butts in class has something they continue to work on. Our CrossFit 4504 teens can see how resilience will lead to excellence. How it will assist them in controlling their inner turmoil. How building that resilience will give them confidence and teach them that it’s ok not to be perfect. And how proud it makes the CrossFit 4504 coaches and community to see our teens applying themselves in ways which will assuredly make a positive impact in their transition into adulthood.

  1. Build Relationships

Solid relationships are one of the most important things in a teenager’s life. To experience feelings of friendship and support is massive for all of us, but teens seem to crave it even more. CrossFit 4504 is undoubtedly one of the most inclusive and supportive boxes to train in. Nobody is ever made fun of for scaling and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish a WOD, you will be cheered by every classmate. We all know how tough CrossFit can be and every member of CrossFit 4504 appreciates and congratulates effort. Our teens have created amazing bonds with other teens and our adult members too. They have people in each class who they consider mentors and our adult members love sharing smiles of relief and satisfaction with our teens post WOD. We also have quite a few families who have joined us at CrossFit 4504. It’s inspiring to see Mums and Dads sweating it out alongside their kids, building respect from all sides. They then head home to rehash the WOD each day, congratulate each other and cement that family bond which is so important to all children.

Well there you have it! Just a handful of the many reasons to get your teenager into CrossFit today. Yes, it can be challenging, but the rewards extend beyond physical benefits. CrossFit is a sport which can not only assist our teens with improvement in strength and co-ordination, but also help them build self-control, determination and confidence – providing them with qualities in becoming the happy, respected and self-assured adults we hope them to be.

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