The CF4504 Difference…..

Ever been to a gym where there are people everywhere? The line-up is 5 deep for the leg press machine and 40-50 bodies are hoisting 5kg dumbbells to the ceiling in every Pump class?

What about a small gym? One with less equipment perhaps, but with Trainers who take you through your program to ensure you get the most from your membership?

CrossFit boxes are much the same. There are some affiliates where big classes are the norm – with only 1 coach and equipment that gets thrown around in very close proximity to other athletes. These boxes are usually a bit cheaper to join. But have a think about why that is….

CrossFit 4504 is not a box like the one described above. We don’t just want numbers through the door – we want you to experience more from CrossFit, to enjoy your time with us. More bang for your buck, so to speak. We deliberately keep our class sizes small. This is why we do it…….

1. Better Coaching

This doesn’t mean we think our coaches are better than other coaches. There are plenty of amazing coaches out there. Although, just quietly, CrossFit 4504 Coaches are pretty awesome!

Head Coach Lisa is like a CrossFit GEEK and has a swag of quals, including CrossFit Level 2 certification, under her belt (this may be a powerlifting belt!!)

Senior Coach Lance is an Institution at CrossFit 4504 and along with his CrossFit Level 1 certification, brings many years of coaching experience to our box.

Our newest Coach Mic, is by no means new to CrossFit, having participated in every CrossFit Open since 2011 and has put his CrossFit Level 1 training to good use, bringing a huge amount of coaching experience to the box.

So, yeah, our coaches rock, but that’s not what we mean by ‘Better Coaching’.
Better Coaching to us is what you get before, during and after attending classes. Better Coaching is providing feedback for all athletes. Letting them know what they are doing well, what they can improve on and how they can improve. Better Coaching means eyes on athletes as they perform so that the feedback provided is accurate. CrossFit 4504 deliberately caps class numbers for this reason. You could be the greatest Coach in the world but you can’t coach properly if you have too many people in the one class.

Our Coaches INSPIRE the CrossFit 4504 members. Encourage them to push and reach new limits to become extraordinary versions of themselves. Our Coaches are proud of every athlete and realise that each one is different, with different aspirations, different limitations and that different results are inevitable. They know this because smaller class groups mean our Coaches can actively see how their athletes are responding to each movement. CrossFit 4504 Coaches will know your name and that you can burpee like a demon, but also struggle to maintain your core throughout overhead movements, and will adjust your workout accordingly. That’s Better Coaching – and that’s the quality you’ll receive at CrossFit 4504.

2. Building Community

This is another reason why we love the smaller class sizes here at CrossFit 4504. It has allowed our community to become very close. Everyone is included. And everyone is encouraged – by everyone! Hi 5’s at the end of a class are not something we’ve had to instil in our members…they just happen on their own!! Our members are genuinely excited for each other when they hit a PB or achieve something new. Or even when they finish a WOD that was particularly brutal for them. Our members know that they each possess different strengths and weaknesses, and that having the courage to turn up on GOAT day is a great achievement in itself.

The hugs come thick and fast at CrossFit 4504 – so get used to them!! Scared of finishing a WOD last? Don’t be – you’ll have others finishing alongside you. Cheering you. Willing you on to keep moving. Small classes doesn’t mean we have a low member base. Quite the opposite as the CrossFit 4504 experience is being tried and loved by more and more people every week. More athletes = more classes and more coaches. More chances to welcome more people into our amazing Crossy Community. A community which focuses on the quality of friendships as well as the quality of results for all our members.

3. Safety

There’s safety in numbers right? If you don’t want to be seen – sure. But if you’re paying money to be trained by qualified coaches then you’d want to be noticed, wouldn’t you?

It’s a fact that in large classes of more than 20, one Coach will never be enough to ensure the safety of all athletes who are training. Consider the equipment alone in a large class. Heavy weights being flung around in close proximity to other athletes. Too many people using barbells or kettlebells can end up injuring someone. Throw running in and out of the box and classes will be disastrous – and stressful! But there’s another factor of way more importance which can inhibit the safety for athletes during training….

Poor technique. Poor technique is the number one reason why CrossFit athletes injure themselves. If you aren’t squatting or deadlifting properly, you WILL injure yourself. The reason that CrossFit 4504 members are safer is because the Coaches eyes are on them for a large portion of the WOD. We won’t allow you to squat heavy until you can squat properly. You won’t be deadlifting 100kg until you can keep your spine in alignment. It’s that simple. We care about the health of our athletes. We don’t want their CrossFit experience to be plagued by injury or doubt. We want to build confident athletes who have solid technique. This creates a platform for them in moving to the next level. We offer progressions for every movement. From wall balls to handstands, every member at CrossFit 4504 will perform a movement to their current technical standard. That is why our classes are small. Our coaches can see the levels our athletes are at. They can assist our athletes in using progressions to gain confidence and move forward. In all movements. Our athletes are achieving things they never dreamed of even trying. Because they feel safe. Because we have established trust. Because they are offered the safety of quality technical training, where everyone is challenged to push themselves just a little bit further.

You may have noticed a common theme during this post. A word which was mentioned in each point and what we want our members to experience every day….QUALITY.

That’s the difference in our classes at CrossFit 4504. We place emphasis on Quality over Quantity.

Quality coaching, quality in our community, quality movement standards and safety.

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Finding the Joy

Our blogs have been rather serious lately so we thought we’d lighten up a bit this week – and talk about JOY!

Now, we do have a beautiful member at CrossFit 4504 whose name happens to be Joy! And whilst she is the personification of her name – this post is not about her. (Sorry Joy, #spiritofcrossfit – we do love you though.)

The lovely Joy

This post is about the joy that you find ensconced in the word enJOYment. The value of happiness, having a laugh and finding joy in the company of others – one of life’s simple pleasures. The members at CrossFit 4504 are learning that enJOYment enhances their performance and their results. They also realise that just by coming to more classes, they are creating a positive energy around the box that is beneficial to all.

We work damn hard at CrossFit 4504. Our coaches, our admin team, our members. Being a badass is not as easy as we make it look!

Or is it??

Don’t tell anybody but we’ll let you in on a little secret…. The reason our athletes are constantly improving and classes are full almost every day…?

We enJOY ourselves! We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

That’s not to say we don’t train hard – we do. The amount of sweat, grunting and swear words left on the gym floor after a tough WOD is testament to that. Our members train like warriors, but they don’t bring ego to class. They train with intensity, but without arrogance or self–importance. Their results are important to them and to the coaches, but they are not more important than anyone else’s results. Laughter, gratitude, enJOYment – these are more important than comparisons.

We love a good laugh – and we love to hear and tell a good story. Some are a little more risqué than others, but they are relatable. Kinda like the stories you sit around telling your closest family and friends – and that’s what classes are like around here. We are a community who respect each other and are a little cheeky at the same time.

Our members can also get a little silly at times. Which is why you’ll find a respectable business man occasionally wearing unicorn socks!

And no-one minds if undies are worn on the outside when superheros turn up to WOD.

We have a laugh – just for the sake of laughing. And herein lies the secret. The joy our members experience is contagious! Like attracts like. It produces a great energy around the box and allows fears, worries and negative emotions to take a back seat. Obviously not everyone is joyous all the time – quite frankly that would just be fucking annoying! However the positive energy of others is felt by those who may be struggling. They know that they are surrounded by people who are caring and supportive. Even if it’s just for that one hour of class time – that might be the highlight of an otherwise shitty day/week.

The programming at CrossFit 4504 also allows for our members to take it easy every once in a while…

I’m sorry..WHHAAAATT??

“But you’re a CrossFit affiliate. Every WOD should be harder than the day before. If you program easy days, your athletes will go backwards. They won’t improve at all…”

We know right? Our members are disgustingly unfit and unhappy – we call bullshit on this one!

The days that are a little lighter in load or intensity – these are also the days that are lighter in mood. Buoyant. Uplifting. Walking on Fucking Sunshine! Haha… These are the days when the social aspects of our community are more important than the training – and it’s why we put up with Coach Lisa playing 80’s love ballads on Valentine’s Day! These days – where we still train, but a little more lightly – actually benefit our members and our community more than just continually grinding away. We know this for a fact, because we used to do it the other way. A massive amount of work each day – and our athletes were struggling to retain their JOY. We are proud to say we’re constantly learning and improving and our programming is a reflection of that. We are dedicated in finding the best way for our athletes to gain the most from their membership and the most from their experience with CrossFit 4504.

We reckon one F. Gump had it right. Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know when your Caramilk is going to be full of plastic!

So take every available opportunity to be JOYous now. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others. EnJOY what you have now.

Show compassion. Experience JOY (not our Joy, she’s not that kind of lady)

Learn to take the good with the bad and celebrate in a community where enJOYment is our middle name.

CrossFit EnJOYment 4504!

Meh – we don’t think that will stick somehow. Let’s keep the enJOYment as our secret and guarantee it as something you’ll experience when you walk through our doors.

What Do We Look Like?

What does a CrossFit athlete look like to you?

My guess is you currently have a picture in your mind of someone like this…

Tia-Clair Toomey (Photo: Sunshine Coast Daily)

Tia-Clair Toomey current Fittest Woman on Earth

Or maybe someone like this…

Rob Forte (Photo CrossFit Games)

Rob Forte, Multiple winner of Pacific Regional.

Obviously these are VERY fine examples of Elite CrossFit athletes and we are proud to have them represent our country.

But now ask yourself this. What does an everyday, grass-roots level CrossFit athlete look like? Well certainly they could still look like the athletes above…but honestly though? CrossFit athletes could look like anyone. And here at CrossFit 4504 – they are anyone!

Everyday people doing extraordinary things. Which is why we love our community so much. Sure, we have some buff-looking and super athletic bods roaming our box. But the not-so-buff, work-in-progress and less athletic looking peeps are here too….and let it be known that they are smashing it!

So what do you need to have to become a successful CrossFit athlete? What are we looking for in our CrossFit 4504 team? Check it out –


Determination. Resolve. Purpose.

Whatever description you wish to use…we want athletes who will train with Intent. With aspiration. We want you to set goals for yourself and never give up on smashing them! We don’t want your sole reason for training at CrossFit 4504 to be become all buff and K-Dub-like. If that happens as a side effect while you’re crushing your goals – then good on you. The CrossFit 4504 approach is NOT about your physical appearance, nor about society’s ideology of an ‘athlete’. We approach our training a whole lot more holistically and a whole lot less superficially. Our focus has always been on helping you feel better. Healthier. Stronger. Fitter. Empowered.  To build your confidence, learn new skills, make new friends. We don’t get hung up on body image. We know that as our athletes become fitter and stronger and closer to achieving their goals that they will gain confidence. They also realise that their bodies can do amazing things – no matter what shape they are.

If our athletes train with Intent, with the desire to achieve their goals – we are super happy. And so are they – winning!!


Be excited. Be fierce. Show passion and keenness. Be ferocious! This is what we look for when we talk about Intensity. To get the most from the programming at CrossFit 4504, we want our athletes to be amazing! This doesn’t mean ripping out rep after rep of Handstand push-ups the first time you’re upside-down on a wall. It means working hard to improve. Every time you come to class. For some, it could be striving hard to squat just a little deeper than they’ve previously gone. For others it could mean pushing yourself to run a little further this time before having to walk. It could be something like working on your mental approach towards lifting heavy, or maintaining stamina throughout each round of the WOD.

Be enthusiastic about your improvements. Let yourself experience the exultation. The relief! And share your satisfaction with us. With your community. Guaranteed we will share your excitement because we all know that feeling. When you finally achieve something you’ve spent sometimes over a year trying to master. Honestly, it’s the best feeling.

Be happy. Enthusiastic. Your classmates will feel your vibe. When our athletes show Intensity during a workout – (and please don’t confuse this with aggression towards others) – when they know they’ve done the very best they could with what they’ve got on the day – that’s where the satisfaction lies. And in the CrossFit 4504 community it’s happening on a daily basis. Sure, the fact that a few centimetres are lost around the waist is fantastic too. It means our members are working hard. Hard work pays off in more ways than one. Intensity will subconsciously change the way you look, purely by the way you carry your new, confident, badass self!


Doing the right thing even when no-one is watching.

Integrity is one the most important qualities we look for in our CrossFit 4504 members. Members who are honourable. Members who show the aforementioned Intent and Intensity without ego or disrespect to themselves or others. If you can’t be honest with yourself, you are ultimately hurting only one person. Yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your attitude towards others – towards yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your actions during class – counting reps, technique, movement standards. Don’t claim RX push-ups if your push-ups look like an 80’s rapper doing the “Worm”! Be excited that you gave it a crack – but tick the scaled box and try again next time to lift your standard. It will only assist in your training and achieving your goals. If Coach says you owe another 6 Box Jumps in a WOD? Get those damn things done without acting like a 2-year old! Whether your Coach can’t count or you can’t is irrelevant. Carry yourself with pride and honesty and you will always be a winner. It doesn’t matter where you finish in a WOD or if you scaled. Keep moving. Move with the same standards in round 5 as you were in round 1. Or at least try ‘cos it can get real shitty, real quickly!

How you carry yourself as member of the CrossFit 4504 community is infinitely more important than how you look or where you are on the Leaderboard. Sure, friendly competition between members is fun, motivating even. But it’s not a major focus of our box. Integrity is.

That’s why we’re so proud of our current member group at CrossFit 4504. Our experienced members display an inspiring amount of Integrity, which is noticed by our tentative newbies. For our newest members to walk in and be encouraged, congratulated and cheered with SINCERITY by our experienced crew is amazingly uplifting. This is the CrossFit 4504 difference. It’s why we’re such a close-knit family. The best kind of community to be involved in.

So our CrossFit 4504 athletes look like this –


And this –

And this –

But more importantly, they look like this –

It’s not the way our athletes look which is important to us. It’s the way they carry themselves. With Intent. With Intensity. With Integrity. To make our CrossFit community the very best it can be. If you want to ‘look’ like this –

Then come and visit us today!

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The Value of Wellness

Compared to a CrossFit membership, your regular gym prices are pretty cheap aren’t they? And for people who make a pact with themselves that they’re going to get fit and strong, a few hundred dollars to lock you into a 12 month contract is the way to go. Holds you accountable, all hours’ access. Perfect right?

Want to know an interesting stat though? Over 50% of people who pay for a Gym membership……Never Show Up!  This is essentially money down the drain. Sure, they may try it for the first week or two, but the novelty wears thin. Very quickly.

Here’s another stat….that is why gyms can charge such affordable rates. Their equipment may be expensive, but they actually rely on the peeps who pay their fees and don’t show up. It’s their money that pays for the fancy machines, computer screens and air-conditioning.  They actually oversell their memberships BANKING on the fact you won’t show.

CrossFit, on the other hand relies on people showing up and paying their fees. The very foundation of CrossFit is based on the fact that members will show up. More importantly at CrossFit 4504 we WANT you to show up, and if you go MIA you’ll hear from us to help you get back to routine.  So a CrossFit box needs to pay staff in order to teach everyone. Every day. Add affiliate fees, equipment costs, etc. and CrossFit is a fairly expensive venture.

In reality however the cost of fitness is FAR more economical than the cost of illness.  From medications, specialists, carers and special equipment it all adds up, and the loss of your ability to lead a full life, well you can’t put a value on that. Investing in your health and wellness today will save you a lot more than just cash down the track, it can literally save your life.

So why are so many people now turning to a method of training which is generally the cost of a cup of coffee & snack per day? The members at CrossFit 4504 are extremely happy to have chosen our box over another. Or a gym. Or an exercise class or bootcamp. This is why….

  • Intensive Coaching

One of the main reasons people don’t use their gym membership is that they don’t know what to do when they get there or how to use the equipment properly. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could seriously injure yourself. Or you could spend hours working out with next to zero benefit to your strength and fitness. There have been some pretty funny clips circulating on social media about gym equipment fails.

Sadly, though, other stories suffer far more serious consequences, where extensive injury and unfortunately even deaths have occurred simply because there was no-one watching the person who was lifting.

A fundamental focus of CrossFit 4504 is Intensive Coaching for our members. Most of class sizes are deliberately small. Smaller classes = more coaching. If our classes are larger, we have an extra coach in that class.

You are going to be safer, get more from your workout and learn more in every CrossFit 4504 class, simply because you receive Intensive Coaching. Our members are confident in our coaches’ ability to help them perform movements that they’ve never dreamed of even trying. There are so many Bucket List items being ticked off their lists!

And that’s why we’re a little bit different. We aren’t a ‘Costco’ CrossFit box, where as many people are shoved into a class as possible. We want a coaches eyes’ on you for the entire WOD. To ensure you maintain technique. To improve your standards while you’re performing a movement. To let you know that we actually give a shit that you’re here. You aren’t just a number to us. This is the difference in Intensive Coaching and why our membership numbers are growing.

CrossFit 4504 members know that they will be assisted in every way to get the WOD done at their highest achievable standard. They know that coaches are aware of any limitations they may currently have and that WODs are modified accordingly. The workouts will always be challenging. And our coaches are aware of the progress of all our athletes.

  • The Difference Between Training and Exercising

There are a lot of exercise classes on offer at the moment. F45, Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, HIIT, and also a lot of unaffiliated gyms offering a watered down experience….. They all help you get moving and get your heart rate pumping, which is great because we could all move a little more. But is there a purpose to those exercises other than an elevated heart rate? Most exercise classes have no specific long term goals. This can make it hard to maintain motivation. Their standards and technique differ hugely for each person so it is hard to quantify results or improvement in your movements. There is generally not a huge amount of consideration towards recovery, rest and nutrition. You turn up – you do your class – you leave. There’s not much that you can aspire to become by doing these classes.

Training on the other hand is different. CrossFit is a training program. Training which, as opposed to exercise, includes all of the following…..

  • Specific goals – these are set by athletes for both the short term and long term. The members at CrossFit 4504 have the opportunity to sit with a coach and determine the goals they want to achieve. Moving forward each class and working through individual drills to achieve these goals results in extremely proud moments for these athletes.
  • Programming – designed to develop capabilities and attain new movement standards. Each and every WOD at CrossFit 4504 is part of a 12 week cycle, where programming is focussed on different aspects of athletes’ performance. Strength and endurance phases, speed, mobility and high intensity training are a part of our programming to allow our members to become stronger, fitter, faster.
  • Strength training – included in a CrossFit 4504 membership. A program can be specifically designed for those wishing to strengthen a particular area or movement. Strength elements are always incorporated into our everyday training, but for those who have specific goals, additional, individual training can enhance their improvement.
  • Olympic lifting – Clean. Jerk. Snatch. These lifts take people to the Olympics. Athletes must train these lifts constantly in order to improve and reach new standards. Olympic lifting is heavily incorporated into CrossFit 4504 classes. Specialist programs are also available, with one on one training and accessory skills included.
  • Power lifting – Squat. Deadlift. Bench press. These movements are fundamental to CrossFit. They also need to be taught and performed with emphasis on technique rather than load. Once an athlete’s technique is solid, then load is added. CrossFit 4504 members receive Intensive Coaching on these movements and all classes revise basic steps to each lift before they are completed in a WOD. We are serious about longevity – we want our members to live a strong and awesome life – with minimum injuries and maximum CrossFit memories.
  • Gymnastics – Definitely an element which requires training, we have found the gymnastics skill work in our program to be extremely helpful to our members. CrossFit 4504 also offers Gymnastics Clinics throughout the year. We have a myriad of progressions on all CrossFit gymnastic movements so that our athletes can get the most out of their workouts while gaining strength and confidence to move forward. Gymnastic goals are being smashed everyday in our box.
  • Conditioning – for building an engine. Training movements and then combining them in a WOD helps you to see where you’re at. Our members reach new standards in their training which then gives them the confidence to convert this during a workout. It’s amazing to watch someone who always baulked at jumping onto a box, to now own it like a boss!
  • Atmosphere/Community  The other reason people don’t bother going to a regular gym after paying the membership fee – there’s very little atmosphere. The presence of computer screens, mirrors and mobile phones tends to place an inward, anti-social focus on working out at a gym. Some gyms offer group sessions in a bid to provide atmosphere where there is otherwise no community aspect.

Atmosphere and community is the MOST AMAZING thing about CrossFit. And a major reason why more and more people are willing to hand over a few extra dollars. Quite literally – CrossFit is life changing for many people. There are no screens, mirrors or mobiles at the CrossFit 4504 box in the WOD area. You know what we do instead? We talk to each other! And we laugh. And we complain about what we’re about to put our bodies through. And then we compliment everyone at the end for their efforts. Then we laugh and talk some more and eventually leave the members lounge – surrounded by a warm, sweaty glow. Not only from the training that we’ve just accomplished. But for the sense of belonging to a community. An extended family who support and care for each other.

More and more people are visiting the community of CrossFit 4504. More and more are staying to improve their training standards. More and more are understanding that you get what you pay for. In more ways than one.

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