Get Your Heart Pumping

“Your heart is a muscle and it pumps blood – like a big old, black steam traaaaiiiin!”

Sorry for that Cruel Sea throwback, but the heart-pumping, high intensity exercise incorporated into CrossFit makes you want to sing after every WOD. Not during. AFTER. During each high intensity WOD, you’re not singing, you’re gasping. You’re wondering if you have the will to make it through or whether your last meal will end up regurgitating. But then you finish – and you want to sing! Because just by finishing that high intensity WOD, you’ve done your body a HUGE favour and you are now subconsciously experiencing all of the following benefits –

Increased Metabolic Rate

When you work your heart at over 80% of its maximum rate, you will speed up your metabolism. This means you burn more calories – even after you exercise. So if you’re trying to lose weight or increase energy levels, this is great news. Combined with good nutrition and adequate sleep the high intensity WODs of CrossFit will help you with your goals.

Ever heard of quality over quantity? This has never been more true regarding fitness training. While running or riding at the same pace is always better than sitting on the couch, this type of exercise doesn’t provide anywhere near the same benefits to your body or your heart as a WOD with intervals of high intensity, especially your heart.

Everyday Strength

Put a sign on your toilet wall that says “You squatted to shitsit here!” Squat now. Squat often. Enough said.

Seriously though, the everyday movements performed under load in CrossFit WODs will improve your quality of life. Moving quickly, with increased load, gets your number 1 muscle – that’s your heart – working and becoming stronger as well as the many muscle groups targeted during a WOD. The more you’re able to lift, the more load you’ll want to add during a high intensity WOD. And as long as you continue to use safe technique, there’s no reason not to. Knowing that you not only have the strength, but the increased strength to lift, push, bend and pull reaps benefits on activities you do outside of the box.

More time!

To achieve anywhere near the same benefits earned during a high intensity WOD, you’d need to spend twice as much time in a regular gym. If you train at a premiun CrossFit facility, such as CrossFit 4504, the programming will reward you with increased strength, speed, co-ordination, power, etc…etc. For all of us, time is a precious commodity and fitting a quality training session around family, friends, work or uni is sometimes impossible. 3 or 4 CrossFit WODs a week won’t be wasted time and you’ll find a whole new set of friends at the box community. You’ll have extra energy levels which will help you get through your everyday routine and pretty soon CrossFit will become an imperative part of your everyday routine.

The Beauty of Endorphins

Your body’s natural morphine, endorphins are released after vigorous exercise such as that of a high intensity CrossFit WOD. Just 15-20min of exercise with your heart pumping at 80-100% of its max will leave you feeling euphoric…after you catch your breath! And once you recover from the pain of the WOD…Yes, there will be pain. But trust us when we say that the pain is almost like a drug. It’s addictive. A natural, healthy high. You want the pain because you know the feeling you experience afterwards is the best stimulant around. CrossFit gets those endorphins flowing – just like laughter and sex, and we recommend all 3 if you’re of legal age to do so! (‘Not until you’re 21!!’, say the parents of EVERY teenage girl reading this!)

The Collective Heart of a Community

Your heart will expand in more ways than one due to the high intensity WODs of CrossFit. The more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the more you will realise what you’re capable of achieving. Not just in training, but all facets of your life. Self confidence, motivation and positive energy are all side effects of a good CrossFit training facility. This is achieved by reaching new heights, learning new skills, and increased courage.

It’s also achieved by the people training alongside you, sharing your pains and celebrating your gains. Your coaches – those who program the pain, will also celebrate your gains. Knowing how hard every single person has worked in each WOD creates a bond. CrossFit may be largely an individual sport, but it is the team environment created within a supportive box that keeps you coming back. It’s the reason why people leave a normal gym. The reason why athletes make CrossFit a priority in their day.


The walls of CrossFit 4504 are eminating with good vibes and endorphins. Our members wear their WOD pain faces as a badge of honour and bask in the knowledge that their heart is pumped full of the benefits that each high intensity WOD brings. Challenge yourself and you’ll soon experience the CrossFit 4504 natural high.


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The Art of Coaching

Good CrossFit coaches are often at the heart of each successful affiliate. They take their love of CrossFit and instil those values into their community. However, a great CrossFit coach goes further than that. A great CrossFit coach is not only dedicated but they possess the competence and expertise to extract more from their athletes and drive them to want to be better. As a CrossFit athlete, we all look for that coach who we can trust and respect enough to allow this process to occur. We see this happening all the time at CrossFit 4504 between members and our coaching team. Coaches Lisa, Lance and Mic are a team who are dedicated to ensuring our athletes achieve their goals in a supportive and safe environment. A great CrossFit coach is personal and different for everyone, but they should all carry at least a couple of the following attributes.

Quality Programming

Sure CrossFit is made up of constantly varied movements, intensity and load in a variety of different WODs. Any coach who has passed their Level 1 (and there are a lot) can make up something which covers this methodology, but what is the focus for their athletes?

Great coaches will have a 6 – 12 week programming cycle focussing on one aspect of their athletes’ training. Based on results throughout the box, they will program for the majority of athletes as well as those ranked in the top and bottom end of the spectrum. A great coach will have a focus in their programming block. They might be looking to build strength in their athletes with heavy loads and longer rep schemes in their WODs. Or maybe raise their members’ red line capabilities with short, fast WODs, designed to be completed without breaks and leave athletes gasping for air at the finish.

Head Coach Lisa programs for the CrossFit 4504 crew and creates WODs which push every single one of them out of their comfort zone. By using the results data, our members can retest certain WODs and lifts to track their progress, measure improvements and identify areas which require further training.

The 3 L’s – Learning, Listening, Looking

This is a really important quality in identifying a great CrossFit coach. No great coach ever stops learning and they aren’t afraid to make mistakes. They may not always look forward to realising these mistakes, but who does? The thing in dealing with humans is that everyone comes with a different set of needs, rules and prompts. CrossFit can be a very demanding form of training so great coaches have to be relatable as well as understand the importance of their athletes strengths and limitations.

Head Coach Lisa has been involved with CrossFit since 2011 and is immensely understanding of the many different perspectives that CrossFit 4504 members bring to the box. Indeed, her own CrossFit experience is very distinctive –

“I know from personal experience that everyone’s journey to CrossFit is unique and the path to fitness and health is not always easy. I spent many years struggling with my weight and other issues such as depression which really impacted on my lifestyle and motivation to train. When I discovered CrossFit, I rediscovered myself – I gained confidence and reclaimed my life! I’m so grateful for this experience, not just from a personal development perspective, but because it allows me to understand EXACTLY where you might be right now.”

The coaching staff at CrossFit 4504 not only look at their athletes – but they also look FURTHER. Further than the sweat and bad technique in rushing through a WOD. Great coaches like ours look AFTER their athletes. They don’t let them finish a WOD with a weight that’s too heavy and results in a crappy standard of movement. Lisa, Lance and Mic look further than just finishing the WOD and they look after our athletes by scaling or modifying load, reps and progressions when required. They ensure that members understand the cues given to them which provides not only correct movement standards but safety during WODs. They also possess the awareness and ability to assess our athletes and work with them on training methods and accessory skill work for improving their technique and performance.

Focus on Foundations

The CrossFit 4504 athletes know that technique is far more important than heavy or fast. Building good movement standards from the beginning stems from great coaches who care how athletes move both in and out of the box.

The benefits of returning to basics in any sport are infinitely valuable – and the CrossFit methodology is no different. New and experienced CrossFit athletes who are coached to repeat movements stripped back to basic progressions reinforces proper standards and not only makes training safer but in the long term will give athletes more personal gains. CrossFit 4504 follows a strict level of progressions on movements – which often overlap between other movements (think Wall ball, Front Squat, Overhead Squat for example). Progressing from one level to the next will help our athletes in the long term and our coaches know the importance that correct technique has on other aspects of our members’ lives.

They are passionate about it. Coach Lance has always been involved in sports, yet has loved the new skills and challenges of CrossFit for the past 4 years –

“My passion for becoming a CrossFit Coach was driven by a desire to help people move better and lead lives that are full and active. Even though I’m now a coach, I still participate in CrossFit and I’m currently working hard on becoming a truly multi-disciplinary CrossFit athlete. I’ll work hard to help anyone achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.”

Great coaches know that respect is given as long as it is shown – so by showing CrossFit 4504 athletes that their quality of life is valued above all else, our coaches have earned the trust and respect of the community. Our members can see that their coaches value them first as people and secondly as athletes and our focus on movement standards will always reflect that promise.


A great coach needs to build relationships with their athletes. Not the ‘I want to practise making babies’ type of relationship! (although that does happen on occasion – we can assure you that all our coaches are happily married!) We’re talking the kind of relationship where a great coach basically puts the needs of others above their own. CrossFit 4504 coaches listen to the aspirations, limitations, injury concerns and fears of their athletes and can apply these thoughts and experiences during training. Our CrossFit coaches not only remember names but also the needs of their athletes. Injuries, mobility issues and other concerns can be worked on with accessory skills, drills and strengthening exercises. This shows our athletes that they aren’t just a number and builds a solid foundation for a good coach/athlete relationship.

Coach Mic has been CrossFitting since 2010 and believes CrossFit can be done by anyone – including those with injuries and limitations –

“Too many people think that chronic pain is just a part of their life, but I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t have to live with pain, you should mobilise, strengthen and work around injuries to become the best version of yourself. I honestly believe that CrossFit is the most efficient way to  train for 99.9% of people and that any workout can be scaled for any level of ability or around pre-existing injuries.”


So these are some of the qualities of a great coach. Someone who will let you know when you do well, but also push you to identify and improve weaknesses. Someone who will make you see what you can be – a mentor to help you believe in yourself and your capabilities. A great coach makes you ask hard questions of yourself, time and again. They will push you to do more – to constantly leave your comfort zone. Someone who, at times, will piss you off more than anyone else – but you will love them for it.

Just as the CrossFit 4504 community love our coaches. Where the phrase ‘F- You’ is a term of endearment and the middle finger is as affectionate as a kiss on the cheek.

Our community is very fortunate to have 3 great coaches who are all respected and loved by our members. Our coaches are definitive of the term ‘GREAT’ and as a result, our members have the confidence to achieve all of their CrossFit goals.


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One Size Fits All

Derek is a big boy. Some would call him fat, but he’s actually got a lot of muscle – just hidden under a few excess layers. The only 6 pack Derek currently has is the one cooling in his fridge. Derek also pulls off a great ‘Blue Steel’ impression and is cursed with being really, really, ridiculously good looking!!! Derek would love to try CrossFit but thinks he is too overweight and too out of shape to make it through a single WOD. Is Derek the type of person who would be welcome at CrossFit 4504? Yeah…he is!

Suzie has always been an active person, but has zero muscle tone – in fact, she’s pretty much a walking, flesh-covered bag of bones. No matter how much Suzie eats, she is cursed with being incredibly skinny and weak. Or is she? Suzie’s friend does CrossFit and thinks she should give it a go. But Suzie is scared that she’ll be laughed out of the box for not being able to lift huge amounts like all CrossFit athletes seem to do. She reckons she wouldn’t last a week before snapping a limb, but she’s curious about CrossFit anyway. Is Suzie the type of person who would be welcome at CrossFit 4504? Yeah…she is!

Nicky is one of our awesome crew who is doing things she never thought possible.

Bob has never touched a barbell in his life but watched the CrossFit Games on TV and is inspired to give CrossFit a try. Kelly wants to be the next Tia-Clare Toomey but has never considered herself to be at all co-ordinated or sporty. Betty can Zumba up a storm but has been advised by her doctor to take up exercises involving weights to help delay the onset of Osteoarthritis. Caleb feels like he has never fit in socially – he lives with Austism and wants to train hard to show his mum that he can be good at a sport as well as a genius historian. Stella hates running with a passion, but really wants to try something for herself as she spends most of her days caring for her young children.

Are Bob, Kelly, Betty, Caleb and Stella the types of people we want at CrossFit 4504? OMGoodness yes!!

Our community come form all walks of life and all shapes and sizes. All with varying needs and they find a common place here to help them strive for their goals.

In fact, the types of made-up people we have described above already exist in our CrossFit 4504 members. Maybe not every single attribute as these characters are purely ficticious, but certainly many of our members can relate to at least one of their attributes.

Except the ‘Blue Steel’ – we currenly have a vacancy for someone who is really, really, ridiculously good-looking to join our crew!! (please apply below by commenting with your best ‘Blue Steel’ impersonation)

Show us your best….

Our point is that we aren’t looking for a certain ‘type’ of CrossFit athlete. We don’t care if you’re stick thin, obese, slow or fast, in or out of shape – what you look like is not our focus. CrossFit 4504 is looking for athletes who are willing to try. Who are willing to change their perception of themselves and expand the label that they have been given. You are not defined by the way you look, you are defined by your character and your integrity as a person. Realising your potential in a supportive training environment with quality coaching is what CrossFit 4504 is all about. And just like our ficticious athletes, we can prove that one size fits all.

Let’s look at our created characters one year into their CrossFit journey…

Derek is a big boy – but has far more lean muscle mass these days. He still holds a 6 pack in his fridge but also holds the bottom of a 180kg squat with ease. Suzie is eternally petite, but is known as a pocket rocket in the box. After a very tentative start with some of the movements, her coaches have given her the confidence to now be able to lift twice her body weight. She smashes every WOD and is currently working on a pullups program and thinking of entering her first CrossFit competition. Bob is loving the challenge of learning and each week he makes huge improvements with his technique. Kelly has realised she will never be the next Tia but her confidence improves every week, along with her balance and co-ordination – she can even do a handstand on the wall now! Betty is a badass! This Grandma can deadlift, burpee and run like a demon. She will never have the speed of her youth but she has a new lease on life and can still Zumba the night away. Caleb has fit right into the community and loves the structure of each workout where he can tick off how much he has achieved – his mum is so, so proud. Stella still hates running but still turns up if it’s in the WOD. She has learned that the mental strength she has gained through CrossFit is so rewarding and helps her with all facets of her life.

These ‘fake’ members all started with what they saw as limitations on what a CrossFit athlete should be. Put aside the stereotypes – think of yourself as an athlete. With scaling options available for every workout and every ‘type’, CrossFit 4504 is the perfect way to become an athlete. Slip on a CrossFit 4504 shirt and sweat and grunt and laugh alongside your classmates in one of the most supportive environments you’ll ever come across. Learn that attitude surpasses body shape and watch yourself grow. You’ll be amazed at the skills you learn and the belief you develop in yourself. We don’t give a rat’s arse what you look like – one size fits all if you embrace the CrossFit 4504 attitude of character and integrity.



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Seeing Strength in Weakness

Some people have tried CrossFit and decided that it wasn’t for them. It’s often too much for them to get their head around and they lack motivation, purpose or the ability to focus on what it is they’re trying to achieve. It’s important to find a box that understands your emotional needs and can help you identify why you’re there – and why you might leave. While CrossFit builds your strengths, it can also painfully highlight your weaknesses. This can be hard to accept for some athletes.

The team at CrossFit 4504 views weaknesses in a positive light and encourages its members to as well. We understand the emotional battles which can lead to our members leaving if they don’t address them. We want all athletes to consider the following points to help them should they experience emotional conflict during their CrossFit journey.


Your ego is that little voice inside your head which tells you it’s ok to quit. To justify your actions and protect you from something which you know isn’t going to be smooth sailing. If you stop before you fail then it’s not really failure, right? WRONG! Failure is letting your ego make your decisions for you. Failure is not learning from mistakes and turning them into successes. Failure is not acknowledging weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

To deny yourself the real reasons behind quitting is denying yourself of opportunity. The opportunity of improving your quality of life. The opportunity in achieving things you never dreamt possible. Don’t let your ego deflect blame onto why you can’t train – CrossFit is an infinitely scaleable training method. The movements of a Games athlete are the same movements performed by an 80 year old Grandmother who trains. The only difference is scaling. Same movements, different levels. CrossFit 4504 members are aware that they will have to scale movements  – and that it’s not a big deal. They still get the same workout regardless of their level. Because the level they are currently at will challenge them just as much as someone else. It doesn’t make them less of an athlete.

Your ego is your greatest protector. It can also be your biggest demoraliser. Don’t compare yourself to others – that’s just your ego at work. If you can learn to compare from within, your ego will help you and not hinder you.


Accept who you are without judgement. Particularly in regards to your body. Look at yourself and see what you CAN do, instead of what you can’t. There is immense potential inside every CrossFit athlete – accepting your current body composition and mental strength without criticism is a lot better than constantly judging or berating yourself. So you have big thighs, or short legs or tiny shoulders. Wrinkles in your face. This is you at this point in your life. Don’t dwell – realise instead! Realise that those thighs, legs and shoulders have the potential to be strong and flexible and powerful. Realise that your face contains the power of your life experiences. Use these realisations in a WOD – train to create a body that you love instead of punishing a body that you hate.

CrossFit 4504 members come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Yes, they judge themselves – both on mental and physical aspects of themselves and their CrossFit training. But they’re encouraged to own who they are each and every day and express gratitude for both their strengths and weaknesses.


Change can be scary and hard. Really hard. But no-one ever grows without some discomfort. CrossFit isn’t just a bunch of movements thrown together to make you fitter. It tests you – takes you to that place in your head where you need to dig deep to get through the pain, or that barrier of fear. Whether it’s a tough WOD or the confusion of a hard movement, there will be times when it doesn’t work. When you try time and again without success. It can be ridiculously frustrating and make you question why you’re there. Then out comes ole’ Ego to tell you it’s better if you just give up.

Frustration is a good thing! Frustration means you’re learning and learning means you’re growing. Here at CrossFit 4504 we encourage our members to embrace those feelings of frustration as a sign of their growth. A step closer to mastering new skills, or improving their fitness. Frustration is not a sign to give up.


CrossFit 4504 places emphasis on our athletes’ motives for attending classes. For some, it may be to become fitter so they can keep up with their children or grandchildren, others might use CrossFit as training method to assist them with their other sporting ventures. Others simply see their training as an all emcompassing fitness regime which helps them with everyday living.

We ask our members to be honest in their assessment of their motives and abilities – why are they here? Identifying motives helps our athletes improve. We want them to take ownership of their goals and work hard towards achieving them. It’s satisfying for both our coaches and members to reach these milestones. The struggles they overcome in reaching their goals make their successes even more significant. To focus on your motives for training can sometimes be the difference in whether you continue with CrossFit or not.

CrossFit is a training method which can be equal parts exhilarating and daunting. It will test you mentally and make you ask many questions of yourself. And to be honest, it will pretty much always be that way if you continue to grow as an athlete and as a person.

But it shouldn’t be something that is feared or cause for anxiety. Quite the opposite. Building confidence has helped many CrossFit athletes, including CrossFit 4504 members, to control their anxiety. It’s not always a smooth road – but such is life. Acknowledgement of your weaknesses and taking steps to improving them is very empowering.


If you’ve tried CrossFit before and it hasn’t worked out then ask yourself why? Be honest in your personal assessment and decide whether you have the courage to try again. To work towards becoming a better version of yourself – then give us a call. Make an appointment. Not to workout initially – but just to come in and have a chat with one of our coaches. We can help you identify your needs, work around your limitations and assist you in deciding your fitness motivations. They don’t have to be massive plans of domination. Start small – baby steps.

Come and see us – we’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Why Picking Cherries Can Be Bad For You…

Who looks at tomorrow’s WOD before going to bed at night? If so, why? To see what gear you’re going to need the next day or to wrap your head around the movements your body will complete? Has anyone ever checked out of a class after knowing what the CrossFit WOD will be? We’re betting on quite a few nodding heads here.

Cherry Picking…we’ve all eaten a few in our time. But continuing to cherry pick can eventually leave a sour taste in your mouth and worms between your teeth! So let’s look at the ‘whys’ behind deliberately skipping a WOD and why it’s not a good idea to make it a habit…..

You know you’re not good at the movements

This is a no brainer for not showing up, right? You’re not good at burpees for example. They take you forever to complete – it gases you having to haul your arse down and then up again. And again. And again….You find yourself a gasping, sweaty mess by the end of the first round and know you’ll probably be one of the last to finish. Why bother going to class? Just save yourself the embarrassment and stay home, there’ll be something you’re good at in tomorrow’s WOD. Substitute burpees for Clean and Jerks, Snatches, Running, Push-ups, Pull-ups….. whatever you feel you suck at  and you can easily talk yourself out of showing up.

Melina working on her HSPU

Do yourself a HUUUGGE favour. Check back in for that WOD. Leave your ego beside those damn cherries and get to class! The only way to get better at something you suck at is to practice that very thing. The more you practice, the more your brain sends pathways to the muscles required to perform that movement. Create muscle memory through good technique and repetition. You may never be amazing at that movement, but perseverance means you’ll be a damn sight better at it than if you just sit your arse under that cherry tree.

CrossFit 4504 members are noticed if they book in and don’t show up to class. They are missed… and they are encouraged to turn up next time something that’s NOT in their wheelhouse turns up in a WOD.

You’re scared

Overcoming fears is one of life’s greatest achievements. Usually though, your brain gets in the way and tells you that you can’t do it, you failed last time you tried, you hurt yourself…blah, blah, blah.

A lot of CrossFit athletes fear overhead barbell movements or upside-down movements more than others. “My arms aren’t strong enough to hold me”, or “The barbell is going to hit me on the head.” Movements such as HSPU and Overhead Squats bring these thoughts to the forefront of many CrossFit athletes’ minds. And they get scared. They don’t come to classes which focus on such movements so they don’t have to experience that fear…which means their confidence to even attempt them lowers with each no show.

Scaling, people! Progressions!! Our CrossFit 4504 coaches understand that some movements can be a little scary… or a lot scary. And our members understand that while they’re going to be pushed to have a go and progress a little further each time, they will never be forced to perform a movement until a coach agrees that they have the confidence, strength and ability to do so. HSPU, OHS, pull-ups, push-ups, box jumps – just some examples of movements which can be scaled to a progression movement during a WOD. Our athletes still get the same skillset and work the same muscles, but at a level which makes them feel confident with the technique they’re using.

Tony scaled to a Broomstick for Overhead Squats

The WOD looks too hard – I’m not fit enough to finish

Not fit enough? WTF is fit anyway?? Fitness is a relative state and should only be compared to yourself. There is no single definition of fitness for sports. There are many components to fitness which slot into 2 categories –


  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition


  • Agility
  • Power
  • Co-ordination
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • Reaction time

All components of the above points can overlap – and different movements in CrossFit require different levels of ‘fitness’. Take Cleans for example – they require movements based on power, muscular strength and speed. Burpees on the other hand require agility, balance, flexibility and reaction time.

CrossFit is a training method which encompasses all of these fitness stages. How can you improve these levels? Show up to classes of course! During a particularly tough WOD, you will be training more than 1 or 2 of these components. This will not only increase your fitness levels of movements used during the WOD, but will also flow through to other aspects of your training. CrossFit 4504 encourages their members to push their current fitness levels in a safe and supportive environment. Reducing weight, distance and number of reps or rounds are just some of the ways our athletes can scale a WOD yet still allow themselves to push further and increase not only the physical components of their fitness, but their mental capacity as well.

I panic and can’t breathe when WODs are tough

Learn to control your breathing and you will learn to control your mind and your movements. If your focus during a WOD turns negative (i.e. “I can’t do this, I’m hurting, I’ve got nothing left”) – turn your focus to your breath. This is something that will ALWAYS be in your control. Put the barbell down. Take a long, deep breath – and another. Then tell yourself to pick up the barbell again. Controlling your breathing when things get tough takes a bit of practice – but over time can be one of your most powerful weapons in completing a tough WOD.

Joy fighting hard to get her push ups

All of us have CrossFit goals we work towards. The members of CrossFit 4504 know that being the best at something is not necessarily the type of goal we want them to focus on. The type of goal we want for our members is not to be the best – it is to be THEIR best. To work hard on improving their fitness levels across many different components of fitness. To take pride in knowing that they achieve something every time they show up to class. To build that mental character by picking out those cherries from between their teeth and picking up their CrossFit shoes. Don’t look at a challenging WOD and say “I can’t do this” and not show up. Look at that WOD as a challenge and get excited. It’s your chance to make improvements. To be better than last year, last month, better than yesterday!

Shea one of our newest crew doing her 2nd Open WOD

Practice doesn’t make perfect – but it sure as heck makes progress.

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