One Size Fits All

Derek is a big boy. Some would call him fat, but he’s actually got a lot of muscle – just hidden under a few excess layers. The only 6 pack Derek currently has is the one cooling in his fridge. Derek also pulls off a great ‘Blue Steel’ impression and is cursed with being really, really, ridiculously good looking!!! Derek would love to try CrossFit but thinks he is too overweight and too out of shape to make it through a single WOD. Is Derek the type of person who would be welcome at CrossFit 4504? Yeah…he is!

Suzie has always been an active person, but has zero muscle tone – in fact, she’s pretty much a walking, flesh-covered bag of bones. No matter how much Suzie eats, she is cursed with being incredibly skinny and weak. Or is she? Suzie’s friend does CrossFit and thinks she should give it a go. But Suzie is scared that she’ll be laughed out of the box for not being able to lift huge amounts like all CrossFit athletes seem to do. She reckons she wouldn’t last a week before snapping a limb, but she’s curious about CrossFit anyway. Is Suzie the type of person who would be welcome at CrossFit 4504? Yeah…she is!

Nicky is one of our awesome crew who is doing things she never thought possible.

Bob has never touched a barbell in his life but watched the CrossFit Games on TV and is inspired to give CrossFit a try. Kelly wants to be the next Tia-Clare Toomey but has never considered herself to be at all co-ordinated or sporty. Betty can Zumba up a storm but has been advised by her doctor to take up exercises involving weights to help delay the onset of Osteoarthritis. Caleb feels like he has never fit in socially – he lives with Austism and wants to train hard to show his mum that he can be good at a sport as well as a genius historian. Stella hates running with a passion, but really wants to try something for herself as she spends most of her days caring for her young children.

Are Bob, Kelly, Betty, Caleb and Stella the types of people we want at CrossFit 4504? OMGoodness yes!!

Our community come form all walks of life and all shapes and sizes. All with varying needs and they find a common place here to help them strive for their goals.

In fact, the types of made-up people we have described above already exist in our CrossFit 4504 members. Maybe not every single attribute as these characters are purely ficticious, but certainly many of our members can relate to at least one of their attributes.

Except the ‘Blue Steel’ – we currenly have a vacancy for someone who is really, really, ridiculously good-looking to join our crew!! (please apply below by commenting with your best ‘Blue Steel’ impersonation)

Show us your best….

Our point is that we aren’t looking for a certain ‘type’ of CrossFit athlete. We don’t care if you’re stick thin, obese, slow or fast, in or out of shape – what you look like is not our focus. CrossFit 4504 is looking for athletes who are willing to try. Who are willing to change their perception of themselves and expand the label that they have been given. You are not defined by the way you look, you are defined by your character and your integrity as a person. Realising your potential in a supportive training environment with quality coaching is what CrossFit 4504 is all about. And just like our ficticious athletes, we can prove that one size fits all.

Let’s look at our created characters one year into their CrossFit journey…

Derek is a big boy – but has far more lean muscle mass these days. He still holds a 6 pack in his fridge but also holds the bottom of a 180kg squat with ease. Suzie is eternally petite, but is known as a pocket rocket in the box. After a very tentative start with some of the movements, her coaches have given her the confidence to now be able to lift twice her body weight. She smashes every WOD and is currently working on a pullups program and thinking of entering her first CrossFit competition. Bob is loving the challenge of learning and each week he makes huge improvements with his technique. Kelly has realised she will never be the next Tia but her confidence improves every week, along with her balance and co-ordination – she can even do a handstand on the wall now! Betty is a badass! This Grandma can deadlift, burpee and run like a demon. She will never have the speed of her youth but she has a new lease on life and can still Zumba the night away. Caleb has fit right into the community and loves the structure of each workout where he can tick off how much he has achieved – his mum is so, so proud. Stella still hates running but still turns up if it’s in the WOD. She has learned that the mental strength she has gained through CrossFit is so rewarding and helps her with all facets of her life.

These ‘fake’ members all started with what they saw as limitations on what a CrossFit athlete should be. Put aside the stereotypes – think of yourself as an athlete. With scaling options available for every workout and every ‘type’, CrossFit 4504 is the perfect way to become an athlete. Slip on a CrossFit 4504 shirt and sweat and grunt and laugh alongside your classmates in one of the most supportive environments you’ll ever come across. Learn that attitude surpasses body shape and watch yourself grow. You’ll be amazed at the skills you learn and the belief you develop in yourself. We don’t give a rat’s arse what you look like – one size fits all if you embrace the CrossFit 4504 attitude of character and integrity.



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Seeing Strength in Weakness

Some people have tried CrossFit and decided that it wasn’t for them. It’s often too much for them to get their head around and they lack motivation, purpose or the ability to focus on what it is they’re trying to achieve. It’s important to find a box that understands your emotional needs and can help you identify why you’re there – and why you might leave. While CrossFit builds your strengths, it can also painfully highlight your weaknesses. This can be hard to accept for some athletes.

The team at CrossFit 4504 views weaknesses in a positive light and encourages its members to as well. We understand the emotional battles which can lead to our members leaving if they don’t address them. We want all athletes to consider the following points to help them should they experience emotional conflict during their CrossFit journey.


Your ego is that little voice inside your head which tells you it’s ok to quit. To justify your actions and protect you from something which you know isn’t going to be smooth sailing. If you stop before you fail then it’s not really failure, right? WRONG! Failure is letting your ego make your decisions for you. Failure is not learning from mistakes and turning them into successes. Failure is not acknowledging weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

To deny yourself the real reasons behind quitting is denying yourself of opportunity. The opportunity of improving your quality of life. The opportunity in achieving things you never dreamt possible. Don’t let your ego deflect blame onto why you can’t train – CrossFit is an infinitely scaleable training method. The movements of a Games athlete are the same movements performed by an 80 year old Grandmother who trains. The only difference is scaling. Same movements, different levels. CrossFit 4504 members are aware that they will have to scale movements  – and that it’s not a big deal. They still get the same workout regardless of their level. Because the level they are currently at will challenge them just as much as someone else. It doesn’t make them less of an athlete.

Your ego is your greatest protector. It can also be your biggest demoraliser. Don’t compare yourself to others – that’s just your ego at work. If you can learn to compare from within, your ego will help you and not hinder you.


Accept who you are without judgement. Particularly in regards to your body. Look at yourself and see what you CAN do, instead of what you can’t. There is immense potential inside every CrossFit athlete – accepting your current body composition and mental strength without criticism is a lot better than constantly judging or berating yourself. So you have big thighs, or short legs or tiny shoulders. Wrinkles in your face. This is you at this point in your life. Don’t dwell – realise instead! Realise that those thighs, legs and shoulders have the potential to be strong and flexible and powerful. Realise that your face contains the power of your life experiences. Use these realisations in a WOD – train to create a body that you love instead of punishing a body that you hate.

CrossFit 4504 members come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Yes, they judge themselves – both on mental and physical aspects of themselves and their CrossFit training. But they’re encouraged to own who they are each and every day and express gratitude for both their strengths and weaknesses.


Change can be scary and hard. Really hard. But no-one ever grows without some discomfort. CrossFit isn’t just a bunch of movements thrown together to make you fitter. It tests you – takes you to that place in your head where you need to dig deep to get through the pain, or that barrier of fear. Whether it’s a tough WOD or the confusion of a hard movement, there will be times when it doesn’t work. When you try time and again without success. It can be ridiculously frustrating and make you question why you’re there. Then out comes ole’ Ego to tell you it’s better if you just give up.

Frustration is a good thing! Frustration means you’re learning and learning means you’re growing. Here at CrossFit 4504 we encourage our members to embrace those feelings of frustration as a sign of their growth. A step closer to mastering new skills, or improving their fitness. Frustration is not a sign to give up.


CrossFit 4504 places emphasis on our athletes’ motives for attending classes. For some, it may be to become fitter so they can keep up with their children or grandchildren, others might use CrossFit as training method to assist them with their other sporting ventures. Others simply see their training as an all emcompassing fitness regime which helps them with everyday living.

We ask our members to be honest in their assessment of their motives and abilities – why are they here? Identifying motives helps our athletes improve. We want them to take ownership of their goals and work hard towards achieving them. It’s satisfying for both our coaches and members to reach these milestones. The struggles they overcome in reaching their goals make their successes even more significant. To focus on your motives for training can sometimes be the difference in whether you continue with CrossFit or not.

CrossFit is a training method which can be equal parts exhilarating and daunting. It will test you mentally and make you ask many questions of yourself. And to be honest, it will pretty much always be that way if you continue to grow as an athlete and as a person.

But it shouldn’t be something that is feared or cause for anxiety. Quite the opposite. Building confidence has helped many CrossFit athletes, including CrossFit 4504 members, to control their anxiety. It’s not always a smooth road – but such is life. Acknowledgement of your weaknesses and taking steps to improving them is very empowering.


If you’ve tried CrossFit before and it hasn’t worked out then ask yourself why? Be honest in your personal assessment and decide whether you have the courage to try again. To work towards becoming a better version of yourself – then give us a call. Make an appointment. Not to workout initially – but just to come in and have a chat with one of our coaches. We can help you identify your needs, work around your limitations and assist you in deciding your fitness motivations. They don’t have to be massive plans of domination. Start small – baby steps.

Come and see us – we’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Why Picking Cherries Can Be Bad For You…

Who looks at tomorrow’s WOD before going to bed at night? If so, why? To see what gear you’re going to need the next day or to wrap your head around the movements your body will complete? Has anyone ever checked out of a class after knowing what the CrossFit WOD will be? We’re betting on quite a few nodding heads here.

Cherry Picking…we’ve all eaten a few in our time. But continuing to cherry pick can eventually leave a sour taste in your mouth and worms between your teeth! So let’s look at the ‘whys’ behind deliberately skipping a WOD and why it’s not a good idea to make it a habit…..

You know you’re not good at the movements

This is a no brainer for not showing up, right? You’re not good at burpees for example. They take you forever to complete – it gases you having to haul your arse down and then up again. And again. And again….You find yourself a gasping, sweaty mess by the end of the first round and know you’ll probably be one of the last to finish. Why bother going to class? Just save yourself the embarrassment and stay home, there’ll be something you’re good at in tomorrow’s WOD. Substitute burpees for Clean and Jerks, Snatches, Running, Push-ups, Pull-ups….. whatever you feel you suck at  and you can easily talk yourself out of showing up.

Melina working on her HSPU

Do yourself a HUUUGGE favour. Check back in for that WOD. Leave your ego beside those damn cherries and get to class! The only way to get better at something you suck at is to practice that very thing. The more you practice, the more your brain sends pathways to the muscles required to perform that movement. Create muscle memory through good technique and repetition. You may never be amazing at that movement, but perseverance means you’ll be a damn sight better at it than if you just sit your arse under that cherry tree.

CrossFit 4504 members are noticed if they book in and don’t show up to class. They are missed… and they are encouraged to turn up next time something that’s NOT in their wheelhouse turns up in a WOD.

You’re scared

Overcoming fears is one of life’s greatest achievements. Usually though, your brain gets in the way and tells you that you can’t do it, you failed last time you tried, you hurt yourself…blah, blah, blah.

A lot of CrossFit athletes fear overhead barbell movements or upside-down movements more than others. “My arms aren’t strong enough to hold me”, or “The barbell is going to hit me on the head.” Movements such as HSPU and Overhead Squats bring these thoughts to the forefront of many CrossFit athletes’ minds. And they get scared. They don’t come to classes which focus on such movements so they don’t have to experience that fear…which means their confidence to even attempt them lowers with each no show.

Scaling, people! Progressions!! Our CrossFit 4504 coaches understand that some movements can be a little scary… or a lot scary. And our members understand that while they’re going to be pushed to have a go and progress a little further each time, they will never be forced to perform a movement until a coach agrees that they have the confidence, strength and ability to do so. HSPU, OHS, pull-ups, push-ups, box jumps – just some examples of movements which can be scaled to a progression movement during a WOD. Our athletes still get the same skillset and work the same muscles, but at a level which makes them feel confident with the technique they’re using.

Tony scaled to a Broomstick for Overhead Squats

The WOD looks too hard – I’m not fit enough to finish

Not fit enough? WTF is fit anyway?? Fitness is a relative state and should only be compared to yourself. There is no single definition of fitness for sports. There are many components to fitness which slot into 2 categories –


  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition


  • Agility
  • Power
  • Co-ordination
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • Reaction time

All components of the above points can overlap – and different movements in CrossFit require different levels of ‘fitness’. Take Cleans for example – they require movements based on power, muscular strength and speed. Burpees on the other hand require agility, balance, flexibility and reaction time.

CrossFit is a training method which encompasses all of these fitness stages. How can you improve these levels? Show up to classes of course! During a particularly tough WOD, you will be training more than 1 or 2 of these components. This will not only increase your fitness levels of movements used during the WOD, but will also flow through to other aspects of your training. CrossFit 4504 encourages their members to push their current fitness levels in a safe and supportive environment. Reducing weight, distance and number of reps or rounds are just some of the ways our athletes can scale a WOD yet still allow themselves to push further and increase not only the physical components of their fitness, but their mental capacity as well.

I panic and can’t breathe when WODs are tough

Learn to control your breathing and you will learn to control your mind and your movements. If your focus during a WOD turns negative (i.e. “I can’t do this, I’m hurting, I’ve got nothing left”) – turn your focus to your breath. This is something that will ALWAYS be in your control. Put the barbell down. Take a long, deep breath – and another. Then tell yourself to pick up the barbell again. Controlling your breathing when things get tough takes a bit of practice – but over time can be one of your most powerful weapons in completing a tough WOD.

Joy fighting hard to get her push ups

All of us have CrossFit goals we work towards. The members of CrossFit 4504 know that being the best at something is not necessarily the type of goal we want them to focus on. The type of goal we want for our members is not to be the best – it is to be THEIR best. To work hard on improving their fitness levels across many different components of fitness. To take pride in knowing that they achieve something every time they show up to class. To build that mental character by picking out those cherries from between their teeth and picking up their CrossFit shoes. Don’t look at a challenging WOD and say “I can’t do this” and not show up. Look at that WOD as a challenge and get excited. It’s your chance to make improvements. To be better than last year, last month, better than yesterday!

Shea one of our newest crew doing her 2nd Open WOD

Practice doesn’t make perfect – but it sure as heck makes progress.

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2018 CrossFit Open…..One and Done!

The 2018 CrossFit Open is……(insert Dave Castro-like annoyingly long pause)….over!

PHEW!!! A collective sigh of relief and accomplishment can be heard around the planet as all participants finally relax. The past 5 weeks has been an intense test of ability and character. And while we’re all glad to be rid of the gnawing anxiety felt before each WOD, the CrossFit 4504 community has had a rocking good time during this year’s CrossFit Open. We’re so proud of everyone’s efforts and participation. Here are some of our highlights –

Strength comes in many forms and we’ve seen all versions from our members during the Open WODs this year. Brute strength was shown in 18.2a when finding a 1RM Clean after our legs had already been destroyed in 18.2 and again in 18.4 with heavier Deadlifts coming after a 21-15-9 round of Deads and HSPU/Hand Release Push-ups.

We also saw strength in movement from our members who pushed their bodies to achieve the standards set in the Open. Whether it was squatting to depth, smashing out burpees over the bar, pumping out HSPU or straining for pull-ups, many of our members discovered new strength in movements they had only dreamt of achieving.

Most importantly, we saw strength of character. Mental strength is one of the most valued CrossFit elements and our members continually shone with Grit, Integrity and Determination throughout the CrossFit Open. They were able to push themselves to new limits and higher standards because of their self-belief and determination to get the work done.

Now, you wouldn’t expect weaknesses to appear in a highlights reel, would you? But that’s the funny thing about the CrossFit Open. While you’re busy celebrating milestones and the levels you were able to reach, you’re often left scratching your head over the things you still struggle with or are yet to master.
The CrossFit 4504 members have personally identified areas that they felt may have let them down during the Open WODs. Guaranteed. Which is awesome!! It might be the speed of a movement or a strength element they feel they need to work on. Whatever it is, it’s actually exciting to hear them talking about it.

Because it means they WANT to improve. They WANT to set goals and work toward becoming tougher, stronger and faster. The weaknesses of this year can be the milestones of next year and that’s why identified weaknesses will always be a highlight for us.

Bingo? In the CrossFit Open? WTF???

Haha, yep – Bingo! Such a fun distraction to the crap-your-daks nervous feelings during the Open. Complete a challenge as set on the Bingo card and our members received a sticker for that challenge. Fill in a row of stickers and – Bingo! – Members had an entry in the draw to win a pair of Reebok Nanos donated by Head Coach Lisa . Completing more than one row gave them more than one entry. And they were fun little challenges like building a human pyramid, or 50cal on the Air Bike. Crazy dress-ups, social media check-ins and selfies…selfies galore! Coach Lance, in particular, LOVED being part of that!!!

In House Teams
Of course our box as a whole was entered as a team for those officially in the Open. But CrossFit 4504 also had athletes who wanted to complete Open WODs without officially entering. We had new athletes and some returning from injury, who wanted to participate but who occasionally needed to scale the scaled option. Rather than cast them aside every weekend for 5 weeks, we wanted all members to feel included. This is where our Teams concept came from. 4 teams with members of all ages and abilities were formed, with Team Captains leading the way. We had ‘WOD Up 4504’, ‘WOD Have I Gotten Myself Into’, Team Dottir’ and ‘CrossFit Clowns’.

Every member who participated, judged or cheered scored points for their team in a fun and totally non-competitive environment. Everyone felt involved and the team atmosphere took pressure off individual athletes to make the CrossFit Open experience one of good times and support. Definitely a highlight.

By far the Most Outstanding Highlight of the 2018 CrossFit Open for CrossFit 4504?

Community Spirit
Honestly, this gets us in the feels a lot lately! Over the past 12 months in particular, CrossFit 4504 has built up an amazing level of spirit. And during the Open these levels have exploded!

To experience every person in the box cheering for each athlete as they strained for another pull-up, complete another burpee or lift that heavy clean in time was electric! The energy in those shouts and cheers helped our athletes achieve new heights. Families with children screaming excitedly for their mums or dads to keep going filled us all with pride. The support shown by everyone – for everyone – is one of the qualities we value most about CrossFit 4504. Dancing, laughing, supporting each other through the frustration, hard-work and exhilaration of the CrossFit Open proves to us beyond a doubt that our members are amazing, they breed community spirit. And you can’t fake that shit – it’s either there or it isn’t. CrossFit 4504 has a terrific community, which we are all so grateful for.

Well, there you have it. A small highlights package of the 2018 CrossFit Open as experienced by CrossFit 4504. We hope that everyone’s experiences have been as positive and exhilarating as those of the CrossFit 4504 community.

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It’s More Than Just a Rig…..

CrossFit 4504 installed a brand new rig built by the team at Maverick Strength & Conditioning  this week and boy, are we excited!!

Sure, we’re excited because we have new equipment and we all love shiny, new toys. But this rig stands for something much more significant. It stands as a validation. A tangible testament to our existence as an affiliate. “But it’s just a piece of equipment!” we hear you scoff. “Gyms get new stuff all the time.” Well, yes, that’s true. But here’s where the significance lies – it’s been a long term goal for Owner and Head Coach Lisa to be able to supply the CrossFit 4504 team with a quality new rig. Symbolically, it also signifies to our members that we’re here to stay. A new rig is a pretty flash and pretty expensive piece of equipment, so once it’s in place – it ‘aint goin’ nowhere! And if the rig ‘aint goin’ nowhere, then neither are we! A major milestone finally achieved.

Catching onto the symbolic meaning yet? Whilst our old, second-hand rig served us extremely well, it had run its course and no longer fit with the premium CrossFit experience we endeavour to provide to our members. “Uh…congratulations, I guess” you might say. “But what’s it actually got to do with my fitness? Apart from being able to use it when I train at CrossFit 4504.”

What a great question!! So here’s our answer –


It’s got everything to do with your personal fitness journey. Bear with us while we make the correlation. When you embark on your CrossFit training, you have fear, excitement, anticipation. And you also have all these ideas of what you’ll be able to achieve in your training and what a total badass you’re going to become. Which is awesome.

Whether you acknowledge them or not – in the back of your mind will be goals or milestones that you want to reach. And whether you acknowledge it or not – reaching a goal validates your efforts. It makes you stop and think ‘Wow, look how far I’ve come from when I first began.’ Achieving goals in life motivates you to continue, to strive for more.

Some goals are easily attainable within the first few months of CrossFit training. Things like completing your first RX WOD or reaching the correct depth for a wall ball. Lifting a certain weight or nailing that first Double Under. Whatever it may be, reaching these short term goals lifts your confidence and maintains your motivation. An awesome feeling!

But what about those goals that are a little further out of reach? Something you really, really want to achieve and you know that if you put in a lot of hard work that you’ll be close to achieving it. A movement, a WOD or a milestone, that if accomplished, will make your CrossFit existence worthwhile. It might be running 5km continuously, or finally mastering a pull up or muscle up. It’s usually in the back of your mind…and you subconsciously use it as a benchmark to your performance. You might put in a lot of hard yards to try and reach this goal and you want it so much. But it always seems just beyond your capabilities – just out of reach. You want it so much that several times you almost give up totally. So close, yet falling again and again at the final hurdle. ‘Don’t give up – Get up,’ you might tell yourself. So you do. Bruised, slightly broken and a little scarred, you continue to fight and not allow yourself to be defeated. This in itself is a major achievement – to find strength you never knew you had. To keep fighting against all the doubts and fears. You’re already a champion if you have the power to do this. But then you achieve what has been in your subconscious for so long. And you’re elated, relieved, emotional and ridiculously proud all at once. Validation.

Pretty intense right? And maybe a little dramatic? But this goal analogy is tied to CrossFit 4504’s new rig. Something which was only dreamed about year after year and almost given up on so many times. Yet subconsciously always there as something to strive toward. Monumental evidence of our ongoing success. Years of planning, hard work and tears are behind our new rig.  A huge milestone for CrossFit 4504 as an affiliate and a significant validation of our existence.

CrossFit 4504 is a very proud affiliate and we love our members to share in that pride. Being able to provide our amazing community with a premium piece of equipment proves to our members that having goals is important and are always worth pursuing – even the ones which seem just out of reach. Keep working hard – and your strength will astound you.

So come and check out our brand new rig – we think it’s pretty sexy! And we’re even more proud of the community behind it. They make the almost unachievable a reality.

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Here’s to Strong Women

Last Thursday the world celebrated International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate the women in our lives and recognise the ongoing fight for equality and fairness experienced by women around the world.

It’s also a time to value the strength of women – both mentally and physically. CrossFit 4504 is filled with amazing, strong women and we’re proud to say how honoured we are to have them as part of our community.

Women’s fitness has changed dramatically over the past century. From the early 1900 minimal movement machines –

To the phenomenal movement of today’s CrossFit WODs –

It’s fair to say that today’s women in fitness are totally badass!!

Strength training for women is no longer about just being buff or skinny. It has become more about gaining confidence, building strength and proving that women really can do anything. We’ve had many wonderful women walk through the doors at CrossFit 4504 who at first had very little belief or confidence in what they could achieve. Speak to these same women 6 or 12 months later and they themselves are amazed at their success. Success, not only in the form of the results they are getting through their training, but also in their personal lives as they realise that YES they are strong, YES they are capable, YES they are in control of what happens to them.

It’s such an empowering feeling. Just to know that you have the strength to pick a heavy item up on your own. To be able to hold something over your head and realise which muscles are being used – because you’ve performed such movements in CrossFit classes. To carry all those fucking grocery bags inside in one go!!

The women in our community have our support. They also have the support of the men in our community who are ridiculously proud of what our women are achieving – and hats off to our guys for being genuinely supportive, amazed, and even envious at times.

The older we become, the more important strength training is for our health. Women can lose up to 5% of their lean muscle tissue per decade starting in their 30s. If you can begin strength training NOW, in a safe environment, your body will thank you in the future. The more muscle you build, the faster your metabolism becomes. This makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight range. It also reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis – which are all risks to women as they age.

Movement is important, but so is correct movement. CrossFit 4504 focuses on correct movement and technique. This will help your body in the future and help prevent joint and muscle issues.

There are 3 movements which we love to see our women getting stronger in. These movements involve entire groups of muscles and will help our women to improve in all facets of CrossFit.


The squat is an exercise which involves the entire body. Want to build muscle and become more toned? Then squat. Want to lose weight or find the meaning of life? Then squat!!

While the squat is something which is at first a natural movement to most humans, it becomes a movement that is quite often performed incorrectly. So many times, we see images of people squatting which make us cringe. Rounded backs, knees tracking in, butt winking – all NOT great techniques in performing an effective and safe squat.

Squats work your whole body. Obviously your legs are working, but your back muscles and core are also working hard to stabilise you and your arms are keeping a barbell or dumbbells in place. The athletes at CrossFit 4504 are coached in correct technique before being allowed to squat with weight. This is very important in preventing injury. Squats are hard work, but do them properly and your body will thank you in years to come.


The Holy Grail of lifting and strength training, the deadlift is one of the best exercises around to improve your athleticism, fitness, strength and muscle density. Much like the squat, however, the deadlift must be performed properly. We don’t want the women of CrossFit 4504 to end up looking like a one-humped camel or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. So once again we focus on – technique. Technique. Technique. A broken record, we know, but we actually care whether or not our athletes are able to walk in 10 years’ time. Weight lifting will always come with associated risk of injury, but if movements are performed with correct technique, these risks are greatly minimised. We have some badass weightlifting women at CrossFit 4504 and we’re proud to say that our injuries have been very minimal. Our members know that the moment their form breaks down, our coaches will let them know and their weight will not increase. If their back is rounding or their hips and knees don’t move together, then a coach will indicate that their weight may be too heavy.

The deadlift is vital in training total body muscle. All muscle groups are utilised in the deadlift, but particularly the posterior muscles of back, glutes and hamstrings. The benefits of a good deadlift session assist the CrossFit 4504 women in all facets of their life – even mentally. Get your head around lifting over 100kg from the floor and you can accomplish anything!!

(C) Greg Elkenhans

Strict Press

Think about pull-ups, push-ups, handstands and wallballs. Anything which comprises an overhead movement. Strict press is essential in building strength in assisting these movements.

Overhead movements are among the hardest for athletes to master. Yes, you are using your arms and shoulders to move the barbell, but you are also using your core, your glutes and your legs. The strict press is a great starting point in learning to lift overhead. CrossFit 4504 trains in strict press so our members not only get used to holding weight above their head, but to increase their strength in other areas.  A strict press will not only develop the upper body strength and core stability of our athletes, but will give our members the confidence to progress to more technical overhead movements such as push press, jerk, snatch and overhead squats.

Establishing a foundation on which to build is important to us at CrossFit 4504. Our ladies lead from the front and have built up substantial strength through their shoulders and midline. The difference it has made to their overall CrossFit training is amazing.

The women of CrossFit 4504 truly are some of the strongest we know – and not just physically. Their CrossFit training has helped them to become mentally stronger and manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviour in ways that will see them successfully make it through all that life will throw at them.

Thank you to the wonderful women who are part of our community – you are STRONG, you are FIERCE, you are BEAUTIFUL.


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Finding your WHY…..

Why do you CrossFit? It’s a relatively simple question but people often find it hard to pinpoint an answer. Yet figuring out why you train can be a catalyst in how well you train and how to maintain motivation. Why…?

If you train for the wrong reasons, you will find it hard to keep going. If you ask yourself why you turn up to CrossFit, what is your response? Do you train to –?

  • Seek approval from coaches
  • Try to get tight buns!
  • Lose weight so that others will accept you
  • Try to get a 6 pack
  • Look more attractive

If any of these sound like you then you may end up struggling with your training. Every single one of the reasons above is what we consider a negative validation. Validation from others is a normal human emotion. We seek it – every day. But really, we should look within ourselves for approval. You will know if you haven’t been kind to yourself and your body. But looking for approval from others as the sole reason for training is not the answer. Why are you unhappy with the way you look? Generally, this answer will come to you because of how you think others perceive you. And because real life is not a Snapchat filter.

Finding a way to validate yourself can be a struggle. Yes, you may need to lose weight – but it shouldn’t be because of a need for validation from others. Looking more attractive doesn’t mean having a 6-pack, or buns of steel. Looking more attractive comes from within.

Ask yourself the ‘Why’ question again…

Think of how CrossFit training makes you feel. Put your hand up if you can answer yes to any of the following reasons –

  • Because I enjoy it
  • I want to be stronger
  • I am making great friends
  • To improve and maintain my health
  • It helps me to enjoy other activities
  • For my mental strength and character

These are fantastic reasons as to why you do CrossFit. Enjoying your fitness journey should be Number 1 on your list of ‘Why’ every time. When you are enjoying yourself, you will continue to push, to achieve your goals and set new ones. Set positive goals. For example, “I want to deadlift 100kg by this time next year”.

Boom! That will tick off at least 3 of the above reasons why you train.

  1. You will be stronger for sure.
  2. You will certainly have the strength and energy to enjoy other activities outside of CrossFit.
  3. Your mental strength and character will have improved – just by working toward that one goal.

Guess what? You may also lose weight, end up with buns of steel and have the approval of not only your coach, but everyone else in the box by working towards your goal! Changing your perspective on ‘Why’, benefits your training in more ways than one.

The beauty of CrossFit is that you can set yourself goals for every single movement if you want to!! Go crazy!

The crew at CrossFit 4504 have goals set for themselves too. We ask them to assess ‘Why’ they train and to name things they are proud of achieving. We are in the thick of the 2018 CrossFit Open at the moment and so many of our members have expressed how proud they are of themselves and their fellow athletes. We have many first time participants in this year’s Open and so many have already exceeded their expectations. And having fun while they do it!

The friendships made here at CrossFit 4504 have already been added to many of our members ‘Why’ list for training. Building confidence is another. Gaining strength, fitness, mobility, skills. All amazing reasons why we train. Looking good naked is not our focus – it’s merely an added benefit!!

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The CF4504 Difference…..

Ever been to a gym where there are people everywhere? The line-up is 5 deep for the leg press machine and 40-50 bodies are hoisting 5kg dumbbells to the ceiling in every Pump class?

What about a small gym? One with less equipment perhaps, but with Trainers who take you through your program to ensure you get the most from your membership?

CrossFit boxes are much the same. There are some affiliates where big classes are the norm – with only 1 coach and equipment that gets thrown around in very close proximity to other athletes. These boxes are usually a bit cheaper to join. But have a think about why that is….

CrossFit 4504 is not a box like the one described above. We don’t just want numbers through the door – we want you to experience more from CrossFit, to enjoy your time with us. More bang for your buck, so to speak. We deliberately keep our class sizes small. This is why we do it…….

1. Better Coaching

This doesn’t mean we think our coaches are better than other coaches. There are plenty of amazing coaches out there. Although, just quietly, CrossFit 4504 Coaches are pretty awesome!

Head Coach Lisa is like a CrossFit GEEK and has a swag of quals, including CrossFit Level 2 certification, under her belt (this may be a powerlifting belt!!)

Senior Coach Lance is an Institution at CrossFit 4504 and along with his CrossFit Level 1 certification, brings many years of coaching experience to our box.

Our newest Coach Mic, is by no means new to CrossFit, having participated in every CrossFit Open since 2011 and has put his CrossFit Level 1 training to good use, bringing a huge amount of coaching experience to the box.

So, yeah, our coaches rock, but that’s not what we mean by ‘Better Coaching’.
Better Coaching to us is what you get before, during and after attending classes. Better Coaching is providing feedback for all athletes. Letting them know what they are doing well, what they can improve on and how they can improve. Better Coaching means eyes on athletes as they perform so that the feedback provided is accurate. CrossFit 4504 deliberately caps class numbers for this reason. You could be the greatest Coach in the world but you can’t coach properly if you have too many people in the one class.

Our Coaches INSPIRE the CrossFit 4504 members. Encourage them to push and reach new limits to become extraordinary versions of themselves. Our Coaches are proud of every athlete and realise that each one is different, with different aspirations, different limitations and that different results are inevitable. They know this because smaller class groups mean our Coaches can actively see how their athletes are responding to each movement. CrossFit 4504 Coaches will know your name and that you can burpee like a demon, but also struggle to maintain your core throughout overhead movements, and will adjust your workout accordingly. That’s Better Coaching – and that’s the quality you’ll receive at CrossFit 4504.

2. Building Community

This is another reason why we love the smaller class sizes here at CrossFit 4504. It has allowed our community to become very close. Everyone is included. And everyone is encouraged – by everyone! Hi 5’s at the end of a class are not something we’ve had to instil in our members…they just happen on their own!! Our members are genuinely excited for each other when they hit a PB or achieve something new. Or even when they finish a WOD that was particularly brutal for them. Our members know that they each possess different strengths and weaknesses, and that having the courage to turn up on GOAT day is a great achievement in itself.

The hugs come thick and fast at CrossFit 4504 – so get used to them!! Scared of finishing a WOD last? Don’t be – you’ll have others finishing alongside you. Cheering you. Willing you on to keep moving. Small classes doesn’t mean we have a low member base. Quite the opposite as the CrossFit 4504 experience is being tried and loved by more and more people every week. More athletes = more classes and more coaches. More chances to welcome more people into our amazing Crossy Community. A community which focuses on the quality of friendships as well as the quality of results for all our members.

3. Safety

There’s safety in numbers right? If you don’t want to be seen – sure. But if you’re paying money to be trained by qualified coaches then you’d want to be noticed, wouldn’t you?

It’s a fact that in large classes of more than 20, one Coach will never be enough to ensure the safety of all athletes who are training. Consider the equipment alone in a large class. Heavy weights being flung around in close proximity to other athletes. Too many people using barbells or kettlebells can end up injuring someone. Throw running in and out of the box and classes will be disastrous – and stressful! But there’s another factor of way more importance which can inhibit the safety for athletes during training….

Poor technique. Poor technique is the number one reason why CrossFit athletes injure themselves. If you aren’t squatting or deadlifting properly, you WILL injure yourself. The reason that CrossFit 4504 members are safer is because the Coaches eyes are on them for a large portion of the WOD. We won’t allow you to squat heavy until you can squat properly. You won’t be deadlifting 100kg until you can keep your spine in alignment. It’s that simple. We care about the health of our athletes. We don’t want their CrossFit experience to be plagued by injury or doubt. We want to build confident athletes who have solid technique. This creates a platform for them in moving to the next level. We offer progressions for every movement. From wall balls to handstands, every member at CrossFit 4504 will perform a movement to their current technical standard. That is why our classes are small. Our coaches can see the levels our athletes are at. They can assist our athletes in using progressions to gain confidence and move forward. In all movements. Our athletes are achieving things they never dreamed of even trying. Because they feel safe. Because we have established trust. Because they are offered the safety of quality technical training, where everyone is challenged to push themselves just a little bit further.

You may have noticed a common theme during this post. A word which was mentioned in each point and what we want our members to experience every day….QUALITY.

That’s the difference in our classes at CrossFit 4504. We place emphasis on Quality over Quantity.

Quality coaching, quality in our community, quality movement standards and safety.

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Finding the Joy

Our blogs have been rather serious lately so we thought we’d lighten up a bit this week – and talk about JOY!

Now, we do have a beautiful member at CrossFit 4504 whose name happens to be Joy! And whilst she is the personification of her name – this post is not about her. (Sorry Joy, #spiritofcrossfit – we do love you though.)

The lovely Joy

This post is about the joy that you find ensconced in the word enJOYment. The value of happiness, having a laugh and finding joy in the company of others – one of life’s simple pleasures. The members at CrossFit 4504 are learning that enJOYment enhances their performance and their results. They also realise that just by coming to more classes, they are creating a positive energy around the box that is beneficial to all.

We work damn hard at CrossFit 4504. Our coaches, our admin team, our members. Being a badass is not as easy as we make it look!

Or is it??

Don’t tell anybody but we’ll let you in on a little secret…. The reason our athletes are constantly improving and classes are full almost every day…?

We enJOY ourselves! We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

That’s not to say we don’t train hard – we do. The amount of sweat, grunting and swear words left on the gym floor after a tough WOD is testament to that. Our members train like warriors, but they don’t bring ego to class. They train with intensity, but without arrogance or self–importance. Their results are important to them and to the coaches, but they are not more important than anyone else’s results. Laughter, gratitude, enJOYment – these are more important than comparisons.

We love a good laugh – and we love to hear and tell a good story. Some are a little more risqué than others, but they are relatable. Kinda like the stories you sit around telling your closest family and friends – and that’s what classes are like around here. We are a community who respect each other and are a little cheeky at the same time.

Our members can also get a little silly at times. Which is why you’ll find a respectable business man occasionally wearing unicorn socks!

And no-one minds if undies are worn on the outside when superheros turn up to WOD.

We have a laugh – just for the sake of laughing. And herein lies the secret. The joy our members experience is contagious! Like attracts like. It produces a great energy around the box and allows fears, worries and negative emotions to take a back seat. Obviously not everyone is joyous all the time – quite frankly that would just be fucking annoying! However the positive energy of others is felt by those who may be struggling. They know that they are surrounded by people who are caring and supportive. Even if it’s just for that one hour of class time – that might be the highlight of an otherwise shitty day/week.

The programming at CrossFit 4504 also allows for our members to take it easy every once in a while…

I’m sorry..WHHAAAATT??

“But you’re a CrossFit affiliate. Every WOD should be harder than the day before. If you program easy days, your athletes will go backwards. They won’t improve at all…”

We know right? Our members are disgustingly unfit and unhappy – we call bullshit on this one!

The days that are a little lighter in load or intensity – these are also the days that are lighter in mood. Buoyant. Uplifting. Walking on Fucking Sunshine! Haha… These are the days when the social aspects of our community are more important than the training – and it’s why we put up with Coach Lisa playing 80’s love ballads on Valentine’s Day! These days – where we still train, but a little more lightly – actually benefit our members and our community more than just continually grinding away. We know this for a fact, because we used to do it the other way. A massive amount of work each day – and our athletes were struggling to retain their JOY. We are proud to say we’re constantly learning and improving and our programming is a reflection of that. We are dedicated in finding the best way for our athletes to gain the most from their membership and the most from their experience with CrossFit 4504.

We reckon one F. Gump had it right. Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know when your Caramilk is going to be full of plastic!

So take every available opportunity to be JOYous now. Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others. EnJOY what you have now.

Show compassion. Experience JOY (not our Joy, she’s not that kind of lady)

Learn to take the good with the bad and celebrate in a community where enJOYment is our middle name.

CrossFit EnJOYment 4504!

Meh – we don’t think that will stick somehow. Let’s keep the enJOYment as our secret and guarantee it as something you’ll experience when you walk through our doors.

What Do We Look Like?

What does a CrossFit athlete look like to you?

My guess is you currently have a picture in your mind of someone like this…

Tia-Clair Toomey (Photo: Sunshine Coast Daily)

Tia-Clair Toomey current Fittest Woman on Earth

Or maybe someone like this…

Rob Forte (Photo CrossFit Games)

Rob Forte, Multiple winner of Pacific Regional.

Obviously these are VERY fine examples of Elite CrossFit athletes and we are proud to have them represent our country.

But now ask yourself this. What does an everyday, grass-roots level CrossFit athlete look like? Well certainly they could still look like the athletes above…but honestly though? CrossFit athletes could look like anyone. And here at CrossFit 4504 – they are anyone!

Everyday people doing extraordinary things. Which is why we love our community so much. Sure, we have some buff-looking and super athletic bods roaming our box. But the not-so-buff, work-in-progress and less athletic looking peeps are here too….and let it be known that they are smashing it!

So what do you need to have to become a successful CrossFit athlete? What are we looking for in our CrossFit 4504 team? Check it out –


Determination. Resolve. Purpose.

Whatever description you wish to use…we want athletes who will train with Intent. With aspiration. We want you to set goals for yourself and never give up on smashing them! We don’t want your sole reason for training at CrossFit 4504 to be become all buff and K-Dub-like. If that happens as a side effect while you’re crushing your goals – then good on you. The CrossFit 4504 approach is NOT about your physical appearance, nor about society’s ideology of an ‘athlete’. We approach our training a whole lot more holistically and a whole lot less superficially. Our focus has always been on helping you feel better. Healthier. Stronger. Fitter. Empowered.  To build your confidence, learn new skills, make new friends. We don’t get hung up on body image. We know that as our athletes become fitter and stronger and closer to achieving their goals that they will gain confidence. They also realise that their bodies can do amazing things – no matter what shape they are.

If our athletes train with Intent, with the desire to achieve their goals – we are super happy. And so are they – winning!!


Be excited. Be fierce. Show passion and keenness. Be ferocious! This is what we look for when we talk about Intensity. To get the most from the programming at CrossFit 4504, we want our athletes to be amazing! This doesn’t mean ripping out rep after rep of Handstand push-ups the first time you’re upside-down on a wall. It means working hard to improve. Every time you come to class. For some, it could be striving hard to squat just a little deeper than they’ve previously gone. For others it could mean pushing yourself to run a little further this time before having to walk. It could be something like working on your mental approach towards lifting heavy, or maintaining stamina throughout each round of the WOD.

Be enthusiastic about your improvements. Let yourself experience the exultation. The relief! And share your satisfaction with us. With your community. Guaranteed we will share your excitement because we all know that feeling. When you finally achieve something you’ve spent sometimes over a year trying to master. Honestly, it’s the best feeling.

Be happy. Enthusiastic. Your classmates will feel your vibe. When our athletes show Intensity during a workout – (and please don’t confuse this with aggression towards others) – when they know they’ve done the very best they could with what they’ve got on the day – that’s where the satisfaction lies. And in the CrossFit 4504 community it’s happening on a daily basis. Sure, the fact that a few centimetres are lost around the waist is fantastic too. It means our members are working hard. Hard work pays off in more ways than one. Intensity will subconsciously change the way you look, purely by the way you carry your new, confident, badass self!


Doing the right thing even when no-one is watching.

Integrity is one the most important qualities we look for in our CrossFit 4504 members. Members who are honourable. Members who show the aforementioned Intent and Intensity without ego or disrespect to themselves or others. If you can’t be honest with yourself, you are ultimately hurting only one person. Yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your attitude towards others – towards yourself. Hold yourself accountable for your actions during class – counting reps, technique, movement standards. Don’t claim RX push-ups if your push-ups look like an 80’s rapper doing the “Worm”! Be excited that you gave it a crack – but tick the scaled box and try again next time to lift your standard. It will only assist in your training and achieving your goals. If Coach says you owe another 6 Box Jumps in a WOD? Get those damn things done without acting like a 2-year old! Whether your Coach can’t count or you can’t is irrelevant. Carry yourself with pride and honesty and you will always be a winner. It doesn’t matter where you finish in a WOD or if you scaled. Keep moving. Move with the same standards in round 5 as you were in round 1. Or at least try ‘cos it can get real shitty, real quickly!

How you carry yourself as member of the CrossFit 4504 community is infinitely more important than how you look or where you are on the Leaderboard. Sure, friendly competition between members is fun, motivating even. But it’s not a major focus of our box. Integrity is.

That’s why we’re so proud of our current member group at CrossFit 4504. Our experienced members display an inspiring amount of Integrity, which is noticed by our tentative newbies. For our newest members to walk in and be encouraged, congratulated and cheered with SINCERITY by our experienced crew is amazingly uplifting. This is the CrossFit 4504 difference. It’s why we’re such a close-knit family. The best kind of community to be involved in.

So our CrossFit 4504 athletes look like this –


And this –

And this –

But more importantly, they look like this –

It’s not the way our athletes look which is important to us. It’s the way they carry themselves. With Intent. With Intensity. With Integrity. To make our CrossFit community the very best it can be. If you want to ‘look’ like this –

Then come and visit us today!

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