Why Do We Coach

The coaches at CrossFit 4504 love what they do. They are passionate, committed and excited to bring out the best in our community. They love to serve and help our crew become all they can be. And why?

They do it for the smiles of achievement, the small wins & the giant leaps. The challenges overcome and seeing the brave fights to be better.

If you’re tired of being forgotten or invisible then come experience the CrossFit 4504 difference.

The Value of a Good Warm Up

A solid warm up is often one of the most overlooked elements by athletes as they prepare to train. However a good warm up prepares you for success in your workout and a better overall performance.

At CrossFit 4504 we structure our warm ups carefully for each class to ensure the key elements to be used in the daily WOD or strength work is targeted as well as prepping the entire body for work.

Here are some reasons behind WHY we warm up:

1. To Prepare Your Body to Perform

We want you to get the absolute most our of every training session, from improving your Snatch skills to stringing together double unders or improving your Fran time. By engaging your whole body with our dynamic warm ups, static stretching, mobility drills, burpees and full-range joint movements, you will perform much better in class and be prepared for anything that comes your way!!

2. Injury Prevention

I have said it several times and I’ll say it again: Your Safety is Our Priority. We are, in fact, obsessed with you not only performing well, but also staying injury-free. Injuries can be physically and emotionally devastating and keep you on the sideline, not to mention halting your progress. That’s why we don’t warm up with heavy weights or 100 pull ups. If you are injured it affects all aspects of your life and we don’t want that. The goal of CrossFit 4504 is to have more people moving better, not filling the Physio offices.

3. Literally to Warm You Up

Warming up vigorously increases the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to your body’s muscles. In time, they become more efficient and so do you. We use exercises like Star Jumps, Skipping, Running, Jumping, Burpees to elevate your body temperature, raise your heart rate and prepare your central nervous system for action.

4. ‘Grease the Groove’

This is where we firstly teach & reinforce proper technique with the PVC drills for barbell movements. Our warm up contains elements that serve as foundation for more complex movements and we all understand the importance of learning & practicing proper technique.

So don’t skip your warm up!! You can enhance your warm up by coming to class early and working on your mobility so you are really ready to perform. Come and see a coach if you don’t know what drills to do. If you just dawdle through your warm up you aren’t getting the most out of it and won’t get the most out of your workout!!

We believe in what we do and we want only the best for our community..

Are You Bored?

Are you sick of going to gyms and bootcamps where you do not feel valued or just a nameless face? Sick of crowded gyms where people are slamming weights to boost their egos? Are you looking for somewhere that can provide training that is tailored to your level of fitness? Looking for a place that understands your wants and needs, so training becomes fun and not a pain?

Would you like a child friendly facility where your children can come while you focus on your health and wellbeing? Immersing yourself within a community that has the same goals as you do. Here at CrossFit 4504, we provide all of the above and so much more.

We know your time is precious and our sessions are maximised to ensure you get the most of our each one, and most importantly faster results.

If you want to change your body shape to become lean & fit then we can help! The added bonus you will also get is joining and becoming a part of a community with others who have the same goals. You can expect a raise in strength, (without getting bulky of course) and be surrounded by coaches that scale the sessions to suit your current stage of fitness! By doing this, you can also expect a raise in your energy level, brighter moods and create a love for training instead of hating it.

You will also be introduced to an online support group where you can share thoughts and maintain accountability.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, contact us to claim your FREE Intro Class!