Michael Godfrey


Hi my name is Michael, but most people just call me Mic, although I answer to ‘oi’ if you forget my name.

I have been CrossFitting since mid-2010 and was hooked after my first workout. I love a good barbell WOD, but have also been known at one time or another to even call running fun. I enjoy training just to be a slightly fitter version of myself to try to keep up with my kids and wife.

I have a passion for mobility and can usually be found with a lacrosse ball trying to make people more supple (torturing them). Too many people think that chronic pain is just a part of their life, but I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t have to live with pain, you should mobilise, strengthen and work around injuries to become the best version of yourself.

I’m always happy to talk CrossFit, food, life or CrossFit and spend a good deal of my time ‘researching’ (watching CrossFit videos).

I honestly believe that CrossFit is the most efficient way to train for 99.9% of people and that any workout can be scaled for any level of ability or around any pre-existing injuries.

I have taken part in all of the CrossFit opens and love the community vibe that it creates. The atmosphere is contagious and such a good time to be involved with CrossFit. I’m grateful for the opportunity to become a part of the coaching team and look forward to seeing you on the box floor.

Mic’s Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
  • CrossFit Mobility Trainer
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • Blue Card
  • Senior First Aid

Mic’s Achievements:

  • CrossFit Open 2011-2018
  • Numerous CrossFit Games Day Events