Tracey Sargent

Yoga (Mogability) Instructor

Hi there! I’m Tracey and it’s safe to say that CrossFit has changed my life.

I’ve always been fit and active, but it wasn’t until I found CrossFit that I felt like I’d finally found my ‘thing’. I love the way CrossFit challenges my body and mind, how I get to train as an individual but with the support of a team, and that it forms a perfect intersection of strength, cardio and functional fitness movements.

As a highly experienced Yoga Teacher, I instruct the Mogability classes at CrossFit 4504. These classes are a unique blend of yoga, mobility and dynamic stretches to help you recover from tough training sessions and to better prepare for the next. Sessions are designed to benefit participants by focussing on improving your movement and stretching out all your tight muscles. Because I’m participating in WODs along with you, I tailor each class to complement our training sessions - there’s always special attention given to hips, shoulders, legs and back.

I believe it’s important to balance out all your hard training sessions with our Mogability classes - a class which is exclusive to CrossFit 4504. But hey, I can’t promise you won’t find some of the stretches hard work too! 😉

Tracey's Qualifications:

  • Level 2 (500 hour) Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Matwork Pilates Certified Instructor
  • Reformer Pilates Certified Instructor
  • First Aid

Tracey's Achievements:

  • 2017 CrossFit Judge Course
  • 2016 Pretty & Powerful (Powerlifting) - Competitor