The Language of CrossFit...

When you join the CrossFit community you discover a new language that is shared around the world.  Ask any CrossFitter what their "Fran" time is and they'll know exactly what you're talking about!  To help you out here is a list of our commonly used terms and acronyms:

The Box: That's what we call a CrossFit gym.

WOD: Workout of the Day

AMRAP: As Many Rounds or Reps As Possible

EMOM: Every minute on the minute

For Time: The workout is timed so do it as fast as you can

OH: Overhead

OHS: Overhead squat. Full-depth squat performed while arms are locked out in a wide grip press position above (and usually behind) the head.

KB: Kettlebell

KBS: Kettlebell Swing

HSPU: Handstand push-ups

DUB’s: Double Unders

AHAP: As heavy as possible

K2E: Knees to elbows. Similar to T2Bs described below.

T2B: Toes To Bar

C&J: Clean and jerk

DL: Deadlift

FS: Front squat

BS: Back squat

MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning workout

MU: Muscle Up

PR: Personal record

Rep: Repetition. 

Rx’d: As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments.

RM: Repetition maximum. Your 1RM is your max lift for one rep. Your 10 RM is the most you can lift 10 times.

SDHP: Sumo deadlift high pull

Set: A number of repetitions. e.g., 3 sets of 10 reps, often seen as 3×10, means do 10 reps, rest, repeat, rest, repeat.

The Girls: These are the named benchmark workouts that the entire CrossFit community around the world understands. Like hurricanes, they are named after women. As you repeat these WODs over time they allow you to see your progress through faster times or more reps. Everyone has a favorite and most hated Girl. 

The Heroes: These are the same principle as the girls but they are named to commemorate fallen military and law enforcement personnel. The Heroes are usually longer and more gruelling than the average workout to recognize, in some small and inadequate way, the sacrifice made by these men and their families.