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What Our Members Say

I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone and everyone interested in fitness. The onboard/ramp up sessions are extremely helpful for those new to Crossfit in ensuring you get off to a successful (and safe!) start. The class sizes are also capped so you won’t ever feel like you’re having to figure it out on your own. Having trained in other boxes before, I have found CF4504 to have a very transparent programming system that is inventive and backed up with attentive coaching.


Crossfit has changed my life and wouldn’t have happened without the support & coaching that I have gotten from Crossfit 4504!!


Crossfit 4504 is such a well run gym. There is a number of coaches who are well trained, friendly and approachable. They focus on ensuring you are giving everything and working hard as well as maintaining good technique. The when community is welcoming and inviting. You will feel right at home here. Bathroom facilities and parking available. Highly recommended for all types of athletes e.g. new mums to gym junkies


I started at CF4504 in January this year and have never thought about leaving since. During my years of trial and error with fitness I had always found myself bored after 6 months but at CrossFit no day is the same and I absolutely love it. The members are friendly and everyone including the coaches make you feel at home. Scared at first and now I’ve nearly signed myself up to every beginner comp so far ???? Special mention to the coaches who really do take the time to help you move better and feel better and no matter what the circumstance is they have always made it possible to train safely. Love this place, the members and coaches so much!


A true community, a place where all of my family grow fitter & stronger together under the guidance of great coaches who always have only our best interests at heart! ????????


I have been coming to CF4504 for a few months now and absolutely love it! Everyone is so friendly and you feel like you are part of a community where everyone supports each other. I wish I had joined sooner. Thank you Lisa and all the coaches and members for making me feel so welcome.